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Feb 22, 2023

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If Your Just Bias Tore up the Stage, Saying “He Was Awesome!” Is Not Enough 😤

Even if you’re not good at English, having to say just ‘awesome’ might not feel enough after witnessing and getting overwhelmed by your bias tearing up the stage. If you agree, then this article is dedicated to you.🤩 So the next time you're fangirling/fanboying and see these expressions in the comments, don't panic!

💗 What? Slay the Concert? What Does That Mean?

Words like rip, crush, tear up, and awesome can be used to describe a concert. However, these expressions don’t include the nuance that K-pop fans really want to express. Native speakers use the word slay in this kind of situation. If you know or look up the meaning of slay in the dictionary, you might be surprised, but slay also means to give a strong impression to someone!

Adele literally slayed the concert. I can't believe I was there last night!

🤔 My Favorite member? ❌ My Bias ⭕️

Generally, K-pop fans describe their favorite member as their bias. Of course, you can just say my favorite member instead, but it just doesn’t quite ring the bell. If you actually look up the word bias in the dictionary, you’ll learn that it means distortion or prejudice. So why is it the word for describing your favorite? Well, when you have a distortion or prejudice, you lean toward it, right? That's how bias came to mean favorite.

I love all the members of IVE, but Yujin is my bias! 💓

🧟 How About Your Second Favorite Member?

You can use bias wrecker to describe your second favorite. This expression is actually a combination of bias, meaning your favorite, and wrecker which means a person or thing that wrecks, damages, or destroys something. So it means someone who threatens the position of your bias and tries to become your new bias. So if they’re not your bias yet, but you think that the person has the possibility or potential to become your bias, you could say that that person is your bias wrecker**.

Do you have any bias wreckers? My bias wrecker is RM.


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