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Mar 8, 2023

What Do You Do To Cope With Stress?

Modern life is just too busy! How do you deal with your stress while living your daily life?

It’s become a sort of a trend to live and work hard. Have you ever wondered and compared your life with others thinking, ‘A day passes fast enough just by commuting, how do they manage to live like that?’ 🥲 If you live and work hard, this article is dedicated to you. Take a little time off and rest while reading this article.

💗 How do you cope with stress?

When talking about relieving stress, we usually use the expression ‘deal with’. However, ‘cope with stress’ is the expression that native speakers use. 🤩 There are many ways to cope with stress. How do you cope with stress?

Are you good or bad at coping with stress? How do you cope with it?

🧘 Bring Peace to Your Mind by Medicating

Meditation is a practice to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm, and stable state. It is similarly spelled with ‘medication’, meaning medicine or drug, so don’t get confused! Have you ever meditated before? If I get caught up in my thoughts, I have a hard time sleeping. One day, I tried to meditate for just 2 minutes, and I ended up falling asleep right away. 😪 If you’ve ever experienced insomnia because you got caught away in your thoughts, give meditating a try! 🌕

I meditate by closing my eyes and paying attention to my breath.

🧟 How Do Native Speakers Say ‘I Overcame My Stress’?

‘Get rid of stress’, and ‘relieve’ are expressions that look familiar when talking about overcoming stress. But did you know you can just use the word ‘unwind’? The next time you get to talk about coping with stress in English, try using ‘unwind’ instead!

I have my own way to unwind. How do you unwind mentally?

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