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May 19, 2023

English Idioms That Include the Color Red 🔴

Many Interesting Expressions Have “Red” In Them!

There are many color-related expressions not only in English but in many other different languages.😄

How many English idioms do you know that include the color red?

After studying the following three expressions with me, I wonder how you will feel about the color red!

Let’s get started~! 😽

ing📼 Red Tape

Red tape is an expression that means “a series of actions or complicated tasks that seem unnecessary but that a government/organization requires you to do to get or do something.”

The origin of this expression goes back in time, to England, when they used a red ribbon or tape to tie official documents together.

Every time a new document was written, the ribbon or tape needed to be tied and then untied... How inconvenient!🤦‍♀️

I guess no matter where you live, sometimes trying to get a task completed by a government/organization can be unnecessarily complicated and inefficient!😂

I had to go through so much red tape just to get my visa.

🖌️ Paint the Town Red

The expression Paint the town red means to “go to a lot of different bars, clubs, etc., and enjoy yourself”.

How or where this expression originated is still unknown.

Maybe someone, after a long night of drinking, painted a whole town red?🤣

Or maybe it just comes from the strong and vivid impression that comes from the color red?

How or where do you think this expression might have come from?

It’s a useful expression if you’re planning a fun night out! 🍻

We painted the town red when I was on vacation.

🚩 Red Flag

The definition of the idiom red flag might be an easy guess.

A red flag means “a warning sign, a sign that there is a problem that should be noticed or dealt with”.

It is said that this expression comes from the military.

If a dangerous incident occurred during a shooting practice, a red flag was held up as a warning.

So when a “red flag is raised”, it means you might be in danger!

It can be used as a warning in all situations, relationships, work, etc.

You should never ignore red flags in a relationship.

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