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Oct 15, 2021

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From when I was young, the Harry Potter series planted a fantasy in my head about magic and British English! What's your favorite scene in the Harry Potter series? My favorite is the Sorting Ceremony scene. The fact that I could see the trio when they were young, and that this scene was the start of their long adventure made it more fun and special to me. Have you ever felt that you couldn't concentrate 100% on the film because of the subtitles? Has the font or tone of the subtitles ever gotten on your nerves?😭 This might make it really hard for you to focus on the film. Don't worry anymore! The RedKiwi App will help you make this scene yours🙌

🧙‍♀️What’s the Magical Hat Called in English?

This is what Professor McGonagall says after students are gathered in the Great Hall to get sorted into their houses. 'When I call your name, you will come forth. I shall place the sorting hat on your head.' Did this answer your question? The word 'sort' as a noun means a category or type, and as a verb means to separate according to type, class, etc. So, 'sorting hat' is just the right word for a hat that sorts students.🎩

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🤦‍♂️ (Looking at Nervous Hermione) She Must be Crazy!

When Hermione is called forward, she gets really nervous. Seeing her, Ron says to Harry. "Mental that one, I'm telling you." This is a cute scene that shows the personalities of Ron and Hermione. But when I first heard this expression, I was confused. Did it mean that she had one mental? It's actually a British expression, 'mental' meaning 'insane, out of one's mind'. So, it basically means that someone is crazy. So this is how to properly understand the expression! 'mental'(out of one's mind), 'that one'(that person=Hermione)!

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🎃 Wizards and Witches in Slytherin All Go Bad

Harry and Ron get worried that they might get sorted into Slytherin. (What's wrong about Slytherin?👀) Ron knows quite a lot about the wizarding world and he tells Harry something that worries him. Let's take a look at what Ron says to Harry. "There's not a witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin." Here, the expression 'went(go) bad' is used to mean to rot, or to change nature. Do you understand better now?

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