“Dobby is Free..”, English Expressions You Should Know at Work👨‍💻

Oct 22, 2021

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What Expressions Do You Use the Most at Work?
Learn How to Say a Few in English!😉

"I'm zoning out...", "I'm exhausted .", etc. At work, you might say these expressions more than you breathe👀. If you know how to say these expressions that come to your mind at work in English, you can catch two birds with one stone, complaining about work while studying English🤣

🔶 More Than Tired, or Exhausted🤯

While at work, the word "tired" might not be enough to express yourself! There's actually an expression in English to use when 'I am tired' just doesn't seem enough. On a day that you're so tired, so exhausted that you feel like someone has beaten you up, you can use the expression, "I am beat." The word 'beat' means to hit, and the expression comes from this definition.

I worked all night long, I'm beat right now. 👌

🔶 What Should You Say When You Go On Vacation for a Day?

At work, it might come in handy to know an expression to say "I'm using a day of vacation to go on a trip." If the word 'off' comes to your head, you're getting in the right direction. Do you know what to say? The expression would be "I got Friday off to go on a trip.", meaning that you aren't coming to work on Friday! If you go to work, I think you might agree that it's best to take a day off on Friday or Monday.🤣

What do you want to do if you can get a day off? 👌

🔶 I Want to Leave Work on Time!

Every day, you might dream of leaving work on time. I mean, I come to work on time, why can't I leave on time?😂 Let's learn an expression to use when you go home from work, exactly on time. The expression is 'leave at (time) sharp'. The word sharp means having an edge that is able to cut something. So remember to stay 'sharp' when using this expression! I hope that you all can go home on time!🥳

It's Friday. I will leave at 6pm sharp. 👌

Will this really help me study English?😞

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