Are You Having 'Fun' After Watching TV Shows in English, but Not Learning English ?🙏

Oct 29, 2021

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I’ve Finished Watching the Friends Series. But I Don’t Think My Listening Has Improved😂

Here's a question from an unnamed user, who has studied English for over 10 years! "Am I the only person who just has fun watching a TV show or movie in English instead of learning anything?🤣 That's why I always thought it would be great to have a coach that would help me when I practice my English." Have you ever felt like this? If you have, make sure to keep reading! We'd like to introduce you to an app made for people just like YOU🙊

🔶 MARVEL, Harry Potter, Friends... This Isn't Netf**x, Is it..?

Once you start feeling bored, don't you just want to give up studying English? Before you give up, you have to try this app..! You can choose from a variety of video content just like you do on Netfx. There's even clips from MARVEL and Harry Potter..🥲 If I could study English while watching clips about my favorite characters and shows, I would never give up studying English!** If you've ever stayed up all night saying, 'Just one more episode'. If you prefer learning expressions from your favorite characters and actors instead of learning from your boring English textbook. Then this app is just for you!🗣

👩‍💻Search for Clips About Your Favorite Characters and Shows

🔶 I Can Only Hear the Words I Already Know in English

"I try to listen. Sometimes I look up scripts. Will this really help improve my listening?" Studying on your own, you might feel frustrated, as if you are walking in the fog. Even if you repeat listening, you might only hear the words that you already know.😟 That's actually a key point to this app! The app's word quiz system will help you recognize and understand the words you're listening to. Soon enough, you'll be saying, 'Oh, this is how you say this word', 'This is how this word is used in a sentence'! You can repeat the quiz until you can hear the words. If you still can't get it right, you can even save it and get back at it later!👀

👩‍💻Get a Sneak Peek of the Word Quiz

🔶 I Want to Understand English Like a Native!

Sometimes, searching for the meaning of a word in the dictionary isn't enough. For example, you can't use the dictionary to look up when it's right to use 'everyone' or 'everybody'! Have you ever also wanted to understand the different nuance of words, but couldn't find anyone nearby to help you? Well, don't worry anymore because this app will! Each content has friendly commentary given by native speaking English teachers.😀 The commentary might make you think, "Did you read my mind?" I guarantee that you won't learn this from your textbook!

👩‍💻Learn Real English From Native Speaking English Teachers

Will this really help me study English?😞

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