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Kiwi asks…

What does he mean by "funny"? I know a meaning of "funny" as in "His joke is funny." But it seems like "funny" here is used in a different way.

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Yeah, good question! So, "funny" does have a few other meanings than just a "joke being funny". Another meaning of "funny" is "odd" or "strange." Here, however, there is a nuance of "liking things done a particular way", which could appear odd to others, and odd compared to the normal way of doing things. He means that other accountants may be strict or intolerant of his actions because they like things done a certain way, whereas he is very laid back. "Funny", can also be used to describe feeling unwell. Such as being nauseous, light-headed, or having a headache. Ex: He looked at me with a funny look on his face. => strange Ex: My sister is funny about wanting the cupboard organised a certain way. => She likes it done a particular way. Ex: I'm sorry, I'm funny about things like sanitising my hands every 5 seconds. => "odd" and "particular" Ex: The comedian was so funny last night! I couldn't stop laughing. => something humorous Ex: I feel a bit funny. I need to go lie down. => feeling unwell

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