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Question List of W10

What does "his own" mean?

What's the difference between "errand" and "job"?

What does "coppa" mean? And when do we use it?

What does "pokey" mean?

Can you explain about the expression "as ~ as"?

"on the canvas" means "defeat" in the boxing. What does "down upon the canvas" in this case?

What does “I would kill for something” mean here?

What does “heel” mean here?

What is “made-up”? Could you give some examples?

Is “chicken” usually used as a swear word? Or does it become bad word because “butt” come before “chicken”?

What is “fire brigade”? Can I use “brigade” in another way?

If "under-" comes in front of the word, does it mean it's "short of something"?

What is “fit in”?

What does "a few little" mean?

Does "on" necessary here? Would "set off a solitary life" be a wrong sentence?

What does “add up” here mean?

What does "bum" mean? and what expression can I use instead of "bum"?

What does "scratch the surface" mean?

What does “spice something up” mean?

How does "rusty" refers to "red"?

What does “someone is in control” mean?

What does “go flat” mean?

Is “do” necessary here?

What is "soylent"?

In what other situation can I use "nods"?

What does “make fun of something” mean?

What does “in favor of someone” here mean?

Can you explain more about the expression “Holy shmow”?

What does the expression “someone is so faced” mean?

What does "Go to the sound" mean?

Does "the" necessary in front of people? and what does it mean? And what's the difference from the next fragment "a people who will not~"?

What is a poncho?

What does “take off” mean?

What does "good" mean here? Is it only used verbally?

Should we use "to" when recommending something? So should this sentence be "Do you recommend people TO eat Durian"?

What does she mean by saying Monica with “your steady hand”?

Does “under the impression” refer to “think"?

What does "stable boy" mean?

What does “pull up” mean?

What does "About to" mean?

What does “back on your feet” mean?

What does “young” mean here? Isn’t it adjective?

Is there any difference between “globe” and “world”?

What is Woz?

Is "in", "out" an abbreviation form of something?

What does "lump off" mean?

Does “be setting off” mean "start"? What are the other expressions?

What does "lose one's nerve" mean?

What are the other words can I use instead of “fending”?

How come “solitary” refer to "independence"?

What does "about to" mean?

What are No.1, No,2 or No,3?

What kind of a expression is "Quite a day"?

What does “any bit of something” mean?

Then, is there also “front flip”?

What does "write prolifically" mean?

How does "elegant and simple" describe "chaos" in this sentence?

What does "apologize for" mean?

What's the difference between “garments” and “clothes”?

What does “be onto someone” mean?

What does "strike" mean in this sentence?

What's "unagi" referring this sentence? Doesn't it mean "eel"?

Are "settle down your nerves" and "settle your nerves" same?

Is “Ready, Steady, Go” a common expression?

When can I use the expression “sth is all about sth”?

What's “Chosen One”?

How could “couldn’t care less” refer to "not interested"? Doesn't "care less" itself refer to "not interested"?

Can I assume "tough” and “difficult” as the same meaning? Which one is more common?

What is to "pay attention to something"?

Can I replace the word “cub” with “baby bear”?

What does "get off on" mean?

What does "go wrong" mean here?

What does “out of control” mean?

Does the word "shaky" have a negative impression? Could you give some more examples to learn this word?

Please tell me the meaning and usage of "rowdydow."