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Question List of W30

How different "to be eating" and "to eat"?

Can I use "slight" instead of "mild"?

Is it okay to not put "the" in front of "game tape"?

Are "you guys" and "you" the same?

Why does he mention "pop-up book" here? Does he say this as a meaning of comforting the kid?

What does "get" mean here?

Why did he use "where" here? Could you give me some more similar examples?

She seems talking about one person who is "particular person", but why does she use "them" which is plural to refer a person?

What is "couscous"? Is it common food in America?

What does "over first thing" mean?

Why "We're" is used in here. I though it should be "We will".

Can I use "repeat" instead of "repeat back"? What's different between "repeat" and "repeat back"?

What does "in a row" mean?

He is saying crazy to whom?

What does "pleasure to witness" mean? Is "pleasure to" an idiom?

What does “be about to” mean?

What does "fall away" mean? Is it something like "fade away" or "go away"?

Is "that" necessary here?

What does "what a boyfriend" mean here and how can I use this similar expression in other contexts?

How come "cries" was used here? Shouldn't it be "cry"?

What does "ankle-biter" mean here?

Is this expression "is that unheard of?" a common one?

How different "be forced to do something" and "leave someone no choice"?

Isn't it supposed to put "however" at the front of the sentence? Why does it come in the middle of the sentence?

What does "for" mean here?

What's "yuck"? and what are the similar expressions?

What does "flubbed" mean? When do you use it?

Is "with" necessary here? Because it seems fine just with "even."

When do you use “no offense”?

Why is "there" needed here? I think this it not necessary.

Would the meaning be the same if I replace "which is good" with "that is good"? Why "which" was used here?

What does "I'll be back on track" mean?

Is "close to" a verb here? I don't see any verb here. And what does "close to" mean?

What does "settle" mean here?

Is it wrong if I say "to have a baby" instead? For me, "to have a baby" sounds more natural.

How come it was "is it dead" not "was it die", or "is it die"?

What does "Be in charge of " mean?

I don't get the humor here "that is so not the opposite of taking somebody's underwear". Can anyone explain it?

What kind of the expression is "on the way out"? Is this a common phrase?

What is "fusion-y"?

Can you explain about the expression "as ~ as"?

What does "be likely to stick" mean?

What does "blob" mean in here?

Is "fellow" only used for men? If so, what do you say in case of referring to "women"?

Is "love machine" commonly used word?

Can I replace "roll on" with "go on"?

What does "come and go" mean?

What's "with my luck"? What does it mean?

What's "Shemp" here stand for?

What's different between "get out of there" and "get out from there"?

What is “made-up”? Could you give some examples?

What's the difference between "got worried" and "worried"?

What is the meaning of "take over" here?

What does "deliver grades" mean?

What does "Be in charge of " mean?

What does "it" mean here?

Could you give me some other examples of "left my head and heart"?

I'm more familiar with the phrase "be afraid of [something]", but is "be afraid to [verb] also common? Can I use "be afraid of leaving" here instead?

What does "bring a picnic" mean? How can "picnic" be brought by someone?

Can I say "risk that exposure to" instead of "risking"?

What is the difference between "cover one's eyes" and "close one's eyes"?

Is "bring in the bread" used often? What does it mean?

Does this lyrics mean something like never leave you alone?

Is it weird if I say "too way long"?

Is it okay not to put "the" before "film"?

What does "I'mma" mean? And is it a general expression?

When can I use the expression "I'm telling you"?

Is it okay to say "you too" when I'm happy?

Can I use "read" instead if "recognize" in here?

What kind of words are there that are similar to "lowlife"?

Is it okay to change the order like "bring home dead bird"?

What is the meaning of "redo"?

Why does she use plural in here even though he has only one glass?

What does "ask someone out" mean? Does "ask someone" have different nuance?

Could you give some other expressions using "juicy"?

Does "scary" work as noun here? Or something is skipped after "scary"?

Does this sentence mean "I have spent many days that I would not redo" in other words?

I'm very confused about which prepositions should be used in "in one swipe of a paintbrush." Why is "in" used here? And would it be okay using "by" or any other prepositions?

What does "Be in charge of " mean?

Does "even" necessary in here?

What does "sign away" mean?

Does "do I not" have different meaning or intention from "I don't"?

Does house in America usually have guest room?

What does "head count" mean?

Why did she say "stay" not "live", even though she's living in condominium?

What does "above me" mean?

Does a verb after "comfortable" always take -ing form i.e. "comfortable putting" instead of "comfortable to put"?

How come the article "a" was used before "European"?

Would the meaning be different if I omit "in" in this sentence?

Why is there "up" after "freak show"? If I say just "freak show here", does it sound weird?

Can I use "completed" instead of "accomplished"?

What does “make up” mean in this sentence?

What does "exempt" mean?

What is the difference between "come down" and "way down"?

Can I say "not to mention his arm back on as good as new" instead?

As I know, helmet is countable noun. Then, isn't it right to say "helmets" with "s"?

Could you explain me about the expression "Take a backseat from something."

What does "as" mean here?

I wonder why "to" was used here, because it seems okay for me to say without "to that." And is it okay to replace "to" with "for", "of"?

Could you explain about this sentence "got ourselves the coolest new phones", please.

What is "peacock lady"?

Why does she say "I'm not going back" with present progressive tense? Is it a right tense here?

Why "attending" is used for progressive tense? Can I use "would attend" instead?

Does it sound weird if I say "my love to languages"?

What is the image of "up" in "pick you up" or "send you up"?

Can I say "your lips and your tongue" instead of "your lips and tongue on yours"?

What does "quite something" mean here?

Is it too casual if I say "She's coming" instead?

What does "look down on someone" mean?

What does "mean to" mean here?

When can I use the expression "to wit"?

What is "agile board"? Is it terminology in programming world?

What difference does "even" make in this sentence? How's this sentence gonna be without "even"?

Is "hundreds of millions" different from "millions of hundreds"?

What's the difference between "commercial" and "advertisement"?

What does "drop by" mean?

What does "in heaven's name" mean?

Does "naked" mean without cloth? Why did he use this word here?

Could you tell me how to use "flossin' "?

I haven't seen the word "map" used as a verb, but is it used commonly in verbal situation?

Can I say "some of them are closed during hundred days" instead?

"built-in extendable" is one expression?

Can I say "receive order" or "get order" instead of "take order"?

Is "quite" different from "very"? If I say "very considerable", does the meaning get changed?

How does he pronounce "180"? Is it common to pronounce "180" like this?

Why is it "in there" instead of "in that"? I thought the object they're talking about is definite so "that" sounds natural.

What does "down" mean here?

Is it okay to say "talk to" instead of "speak to" here? What's the difference between the nuance?

Is it okay to say just "off the phone" not "got off the phone"?

What does "checking" mean in here?

「plenty of time」と「enough time」はどう違いますか?

What is the difference between "I'm so sorry" and "I'm real sorry"?

Should I always use preposition "in" when using the word "hit someone"?

Is it common to say "you should be left with"? Is it same with "you'll find"?

Is "really" here same as "more"?

What does "poppin" mean here? and does it have anything to do with "deposits"?

Does "at the end of the day" have a meaning of "eventually" or "finally"?

What does "get something straight" mean? Could you give some other examples?

What does "specimen" mean?

Does "that" from "that is incredible" refer to "action that spreads the paste on the bread" or "bread that has paste on it"?

What does "feel bad" mean?

Why is there "a" in the beginning of the sentence? I thought it is not necessary because "cheeks" is plural.

Isn't it right to say "lie down" instead of "lay down" here?

What does "make an impression on somebody" mean?

Why does he say "he is a neat guy"?

Isn't it "rumor" used negatively? But this context doesn't seem bad one.

What does "out there" mean? Can't I just say "there"?

What does "on one's own" mean?

Can I use plural form of A when I say "every other A"?

How is it different between "turn to" and "turn into"? Is there any reason she used "into" here?

What's different between "bullet" and "ammo"?

What is 50-50? Is it an expression used commonly?

Is it okay to use "friends" instead of "buddies" here?

What does "It’s full of oil, and high in calories" mean? Can I say "It’s full of oil, and full in calories"?

What is the meaning of "soft" here?

What other expressions do you usually use in a situation where you are asking someone to make some orders other than "what can I get you"?

What is the meaning of "make amends"?

What does "appeal" here mean?

What does "modeling book" mean here?

What does "perp" mean? Can I use "suspect" instead of "perp"?

Can I replace "brilliant" to "wonderful" or "great"?

Is it okay to not put preposition in front of "the usual way"? Like "as/in/like the usual way"?

What does "have one's own life" mean?

How do you usually use "hold on"? Is it different from "wait" here?

What does "for a while now" mean?

What does "brace oneself" mean?

Is there something omitted around "Thankful"?

What is the meaning of "put hairs on your chest"?

How come "-ing" was used to here? Why this sentence is starting with "forcing"?

What does "set to" mean here? Is it same as just "to"?

What's "ticker-tape"?

Is "up" necessary to put here?

What does "make the best of it" mean?

What does "type of thing" mean here? Is it describing the previous phrase?

What does "Be in charge of " mean?

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    This is a good app. It has many video and I can practise listening while I am watching my ・・・
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    楽しいです。 英単語の辞書が前の方が好みでしたが、基本的にはそんな問題ないです。毎日少しずつやってます。 ここで学んで、初めてエドシーランとアリアナが歌えるようになり、それからは ・・・
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    有料プランに入っていないので1回につき10分のリスニングしか出来ませんが、1日に2,3回このアプリで英語を聞くということを毎日続けると確実にリスニング力が上がると思います。 内容も ・・・
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    원어민 해설을 누른 후 하단에 다음 버튼을 누르면 페이지는 그대로인데 다음버튼은 disabled 되고 복습버튼만 활성화돼서 더이상 진행이 안되는 경우가 있네요
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    Me gustaría que tuviera un glosario para guardar palabras u oraciones difíciles que hayamo ・・・
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    音声の速度変更が出来て、題材も飽きない。 価格も安い、このアプリが最上だと思う。
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    Md Liton Ali Molla
    Super amazing app.
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    リスニングが苦手なわたしですが、 何度でも聞きたくなります。 オススメです☆
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    컨텐츠 좋고 사용이나 구성도 좋아요
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    ジャニスのあの"Oh, my God!"は「ヤダー、マジー、ウソー」で訳してほしいです。
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    本当に素晴らしいあふです! 自分で今まで紙の上でやっていたディステーションを、より便利に効率的にやることができて本当にありがたいです…! 課金もサービスに比べたら大した額では無いと ・・・
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    Great Hawk
    I have been using this app for a long time. The app is getting better and better, by now. ・・・
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    english song
    Good 👍job
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  • person
    私のようなリスニング初心者には最高の教材! 動画の大体が映画のトレイラーや、テレビ番組の一部を切り取ったものです。個人的にはもう少しユーチューバーのカジュアルな英語を勉強できるよ ・・・
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    듣기에 많이 도움되요
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    Jiya Kim
    진짜좋아요 지인들에게 추천도많이했어요 내용 업데이트잘되구 계속 좋아지는 앱입니다
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    toru hirano
    もう1年以上練習が続いています。72才です。アメリカ映画を字幕無しで聞き取れることを目標にして頑張っています。継続できているのは、シャドーイングしやすいから。文節ごと、速度コントロ ・・・
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    So great app for my English improvement. The app provides satisfactory customer experience ・・・
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    ヒアリングが苦手なので楽しみながら苦手意識が少しづつ克服出来たらと継続するようになりました。色々なカテゴリーがあるので自分のその日の気持ちに合わせて選んでいます。質問にも丁寧に答え ・・・
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    Phone은 갤럭시로 깔아서 잘 사용하고 있어요. 아주 영어 듣기공부에 좋습니다. 근데 간혹 아이패드를 사용할 때는 전용버전이 없어서 좀 불편해요. 아이패드 버전 ・・・
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    Interesting and amazing! I like this app very much.
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