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University student, Hailey

How to get better at English without trying hard✨


#HateStudying #TVholic

If English is your second language, to fully understand certain sentences you might analyze them grammatically. Wouldn’t it be great to "Get" English as naturally as our native language? Actually. I don't know much about grammar, but I can still speak English quite naturally.

Since middle school, I was a big fan of American TV shows, so I looked up words that I didn't know and tried to listen until I could understand the lines that I couldn't hear while watching the shows. I really liked and wanted to learn English, so I studied really hard. But learning English can be pretty difficult if you don’t like English. 🥲 Good news! You can get the help of the RedKiwi app💪


The biggest reason why I recommend RedKiwi is that you can “pick up English without studying”! These days, shadowing is a hot study method and it seems like an app specializing in shadowing practice. The RedKiwi app had many popular contents like the Harry Potter and Marvel series, so I could learn English while watching content I’m familiar with! That’s what makes this app a million times more fun to use than studying English alone!🥰

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