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International student, Owen

How to study English even while you’re busy📚


#StudyingAtWork #NoTimeToStudy

After 4 years of studying in Canada, I had 6 months of time back in my home country. 6 months is quite long, so I got worried that I might forget English. At the time, I was working nearly 12 hours a day, so I didn't have the time, or energy to study English after work.🤯 As I was working part-time, I found RedKiwi while looking for a way to keep studying English.

The best part about studying with RedKiwi was that I could study during the short break times of my part-time job. The videos were usually less than 10 minutes long, so I was able to study without difficulty. ⏰


Also, there was a variety of categories to choose content from like animation, movies, news, documentaries, etc. It was great that I was able to choose the topics of my interests and study with them.😍 The videos weren’t long, so I was able to study without getting bored. I especially liked that I can check the meaning and pronunciation of the word right away by just touching the word.

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