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3 month ESL student, Mina

Learn English while watching the content you love😘


#StudyWithWhatYouAreFanOf #YouCanReviewYourStudy

RedKiwi provides various genres of English content such as TV shows, movies, animation, songs, interviews, and more! You can learn from the subtitles, and the interpretation, and even solve a quiz while watching your favorite videos!

With the RedKiwi app, you can learn from the content you want according to your taste. You can choose the video category, pronunciation style, difficulty, learning progress, and content length. If repeating listening to the video is not even, you can change the video playback speed from 0.5x to 1.25x.✅


Using the study reminder feature, you can review what you’ve studied by receiving notifications about the expressions you got wrong, your saved expressions, and expressions that need to be reviewed! (REDKIWI: Wake up… It’s time for you to study...🥺) I really think that it's a fun English app that I can use to learn while watching and listening to my favorite things.

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