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Question List of W14

What does "sidetracked" mean? How to use the word?

What does "take away" mean?

What does the word "stuff" refer to?

What may be the similar phrase of "flatten the curve"?

Does the football mentioned here refers to "American football's pigskin" instead of "soccer ball"?

Isn't it "we" not "ourselves" in "had ourselves"? Please explain the sentence structure.

What does "Thingamabobs" mean?

How can I use the expression "over time"?

What is "tighten on"?

Is it okay to shorten the sentence "Why did you give them a quarter?" to "Why give a quarter"?

What's the difference between "chief" and "captain"?

What does "Kush" mean in this sentence?

What does "Make it official" mean here?

Does "divine" have a meaning of "cool"? What does "divine" mean?

Why does Kansas City locate in Missouri, even though it has the name "Kansas"?

Please tell me the structure of the sentence. Are subject and object reversed?

Is it used a lot together in a form of "do a full one-eighty"?

Does the word "off" has the same meaning as "right away"?

What is a "stoner"?

Is "I don’t suppose" used as a question? What kind of expression is it? and is this a frequently used expression?

Can I say "observed" instead of "watched" here?

I'm a bit confused with "then." Could you give some more examples like "then" here?

What's the difference between "band" and orchestra" for the school's music curriculum?

What does "One or the other" mean?

What does "figure out" mean?

Is “have balls” a slang? What does it mean?

What does "play out" mean?

What does "edit-undo" mean?

Is "good at" used a lot? Please teach me some example sentences.

What's the difference between "smile" and "grin"?

What does “oldie but goodie” mean?

What's the difference between "fewer" and "decrease"? and how can I use it?

What does "positive" mean here?

How come "this big" us used at the last of the sentence? for an emphasis? I'd like to know how can I use this.

What does it mean by saying "something goes a long way"?

What's the difference between "picture" and "photo"? I know that they both have the same definition, but which one is more commonly used?

What does “once in a while” mean?

Does the word "poor" refers to "sympathy"? Or a "poverty"?

What does "get this straight" mean?

What does the "test track" mean?

Since the word "Earth" refers to the specific planet, shouldn't you use the preposition "the" in front of the "Earth"?

What does "some" mean here? Why is "girl" being used instead of "girls"?

What does "out of 〜" mean here?

Why did she say "takes it outta you" instead of "takes it outta me" even she's talking about herself?

What's the difference between "lock" and "lock-up"?

What's the meaning of gigantic?

What does “brown-nose” mean?

Is "the hell you are" a slang? What does it mean?

What is “calzones”?

What's the difference between "get married to", "married someone", and "be married to"?

What does "sort of" mean here?

How to use “a big name”?

What does "badly enough" mean?

What does "and then" mean at the end of the sentence?

What is marine corps?

Can I use "little" instead of "some" here?

Is there any difference between "I love her" and "I'm in love with her"?

What is "hon"?

What does the "ball" mean? Does it have a same meaning as "prom"? Can you tell me some examples?

What's the difference between "animation" and "cartoon"?

How can I use “Go-to” in sentence

How come "unavailable" refer to "busy" here?

What does the prefix "step-" mean? Can you show me some examples?

When can I use the expression “it’s a shame”? When I feel pity or sad or guilty for something?

Is “way” used to emphasize the comparative? Could you give some examples?

It looks unnatural without using "by" next to the made. How come does this sentence make sense?

What does "wax" mean here? Does it mean the moon looks shinier as if it was polished by wax?

What does "something-lined" mean? How can I make expressions like this?

What does “go over” here mean?

What would be the opposite of "kindhearted"?

What is the role of "far" in front of "easier"?

What does “get lost” mean here?

Would the nuance of the context changed if I remove "so" here?

How to use “make it”?

What does "gonna" mean?

What's the difference between "Where have u been" and "Where did u go"?

Does the word "companion" is closer to a "partner" than a "friend"?

Could you explain me the expression "go through" please?

What is "ya"?

Is "Carabas" a common name?

What does "ended up" mean here?

What does "just" mean here?

What's the difference between "put" and "pay" here?

How come "out" was used here? What't the difference of saying "I saw her on Friday night"?

What does "be made of" mean?

Is “I am a black belt” a general expression? I'd say “I have a black belt” or “ I’m in a black belt (rank)”, but does it make sense?

It seems that just saying "I'm from Illinois" would make sense, but why did he say "originally"?

Is it rude to ask someone "Who are you?" at the first time of meeting?

Does the word "hillbilly" and "redneck" refer to people who live in the countryside?

What does "gig" mean?

What is ZPD?

What does "push" here mean?

Does the word "humble" implies a negative nuance?

Since young Walter floated from the ground, can't I say "up" instead of "into"?

What is "quality time"?

Does the word "waning" means something being shrinking? Is it a common phrase?

What does "meet the ground" mean?

How come "reason" became plural while "the only" came before it?

What does "labor" mean here?

What's the difference between "telescope" and "binocular"?

What's the difference between "lose to" and "lose"?

What does the phrase "you out here" mean?

What does "cope with" mean?

Can I omit "where" in this case?

What does "depend on" mean?

What does "Turn in" mean?

What does "fall away" mean? How can I use it?

When can I use “thingy”?

What does "been a while" mean?

Is it common to call others "honey"? If so, is there alternative words that can replace it?

What does “set something in motion” mean?

What does "must admit to" mean here?

Is "worth dying for" is a common expression? If so, can you show me some examples?

What does "reckon" mean? and when do you use it?

What does "make claims" mean?

Do "Shore up", "build up", "strength" mean all the same?

What does "fine dining environment" mean?

What's the difference between "draw", "doodle" and "illustrate"?

Why is "You are home" correct instead of "You are in home"?

What does "about" mean here? Can I use "with" or "for" instead of "about" here?

What does “in the pickle” mean?

Does "take a leak" mean urinate? Can you give me more synonyms?

Why did he say "I'd try", not "I tried"?

What does "Build on" mean?

What's the grammar of "is to"?

Can I say "garden" instead of "yard"?

What does "kick some ass" mean?

What's the difference between "drift off", "go to bed", "go to sleep"?

What does "this" refer to?

What does "fly" mean here?

What does ‘freakishly’ mean?

What's the difference between "carriage" and "chariot"? Do they have different usage?

Is it okay to say "be infected" instead of "get infected"?

What does "long way round"? Is it round trip ticket?

What does "right" mean here?

How come this sentence is starting with "did"? Is something omitted before it?

Does the phrase "most of all" has the same meaning as "above all"?

What's Deli Joe? What does it refer to?

What does "give someone a break" mean?

What does "like" mean here?

What do you call lights on the rear side?

Is "Betty" an example of something? Why is it used?

What does RSVP stand for?

When can we call someone "a bad ass"?

What does "either" mean?

What does "make any sense" mean?

Can I say "All people can get treatment" to express the same meaning of "these people can all get treatment"?

What does "Jumping macadamias" mean?

What does "stand one's ground" mean?

What does “all the way back” mean?

¿Qué significa "available"?

What does "lose count" mean?

What's the difference between "fairy tale" and "folk tale"?

What does “shady” mean?

Can I use "to deal with" instead of "in response"? Does it have same meaning?

What does great aunt mean?

What's the difference from "Would you marry me?"

What does “never once” mean?

Does the word "once" implies that the event occurred a long time ago?

What does "cut to a B roll" mean?

What does "make a meal of sth" mean?

In this sentence, “By the way" refer to “however“?

What's the difference between "cat", "kitty" and "puss"? Are they interchangeable?

If there's more than one tale, what can I say instead of "this one"?

What does “have the drop on someone” mean?

What's the difference between "too long a time" and "a too long time"?

What does "desk-dwelling" mean?

Does the word "distress" is somewhat related to "stress"?

What does the crack mean?

What's the difference between "If you would" and "if you want"?

What does "reckon" mean?

Does the phrase "that's so neat" has the same meaning as "that's so cool"? If so, does the word "neat" itself is the synonym of "cool"?

What a.m. stands for?

What does "wintergreen" mean?

What is a hacky sack?

What kind of expression is "would-be" here?

I do understand that crescent refers to the shape of the moon however, does it somewhat related to the musical term "crescendo"?

What is a rack focus?

Is "start" necessary here?

Can you use "well-oiled machines" to say that everything is going well?

When do you use this expression?

Can you use the word "active" only for the machine? Can't I use it for humans instead?

What's "‘bout"?

What does "a full one-eighty" mean?

What is the difference between "innovative" and "creative"?

What does the verb "reel" mean?

What does "arts" mean in "magical arts"?

Please let me know the direct translation for the "go on." What does it mean?

Does the phrase "eyes almost popped out of his head!" is a popular expression? If so, can you show me some examples?

El profesor de inglés basado en vídeos de YouTube, RedKiwi

¿Cómo quieres hablar inglés, si no lo entiendes? ¡Ya es hora de mejorar tus habilidades de escucha!

¿Cómo quieres hablar inglés si no lo entiendes?

¡Ya es hora de mejorar tus habilidades de escucha!


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    It’s amazing. I will make use of this to learn English.


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    Harmoni FM


    Resipi Berkasih Nur Amira Oggy Jack Imoof Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre


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    ushio starfish


    素晴らしいです。発音と文字を一致させるのに最適です。リダクションなどの単語単体の発音から大きく逸脱する時の解説があるとより良いです。 また、スクロールが突然逆に進むバグがあります。 ・・・


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    samane vafa


    It is very good app for learning English .You can choose every video on YouTube and dictat ・・・


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    it is a good app


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    ディズニーやハリーポッターなどの誰もが知っている作品から、童話や著名人のインタビュー等幅広くあり、様々な人の声を聞きながら聞いたセリフを下にある語群から選んで並び替えるというような ・・・


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    とっても楽しく英語のリスニングが出来ます。YouTubeから引用しているので、YouTubeを見る時間を、こちらに当てれればとても時間を有効に使えて、夜にひとつ分だけ、と決めれば毎 ・・・


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    Gabriel Rivera Lillo


    😬😬😬...En general, bien.


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    비슷한 앱들에 비해서 훨씬 저렴한데 비해서 앱 기능은 최고예요! 딱 필요한 기능들이 깔끔하게 들어있어서 마음에 들어서 유료결제해도 전혀 아깝지 않아요.


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    쉐도잉 영어 최고봉입니다


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    다 좋아요... 다 좋은데... 유료인게 많이 아쉽네요 처음에는 무료로 할수있어서 "오! 이게 무료로 할수있는거라고?" 하고 놀랐는데 몇번 하니까 구매를 해야한다 ・・・


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    It’s excellent I can practice listening and learn words of English.


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    リスニング力が鍛えられます。 逆に、聞き取れない単語を把握できることが、私にとって進歩です。


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    本当に素晴らしいアプリです。TEDのディクテーション用教材として使っていますが、リスニング力の向上を実感できます。また、インターフェースもすごく便利でストレスを感じません。 ・・・


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    José marte


    me encantó esta aplicación tiene tiene un diccionario para consulta palabras muy excelente ・・・


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    Huyền Nguyễn


    App rất hay. Nếu có thêm phần tự viết đáp án (bên cạnh việc chọn đáp án) và lưu từ vựng để ・・・


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    Suguru Shimoma




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    영어공부하는데 정말 최고예요


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    오늘 처음 깔아봤는데 넘 좋더라구용!! 한 문장씩 들어주고 칸을 채워넣는것도 좋은뎅 한번에 영상을 볼 순 없는건가용..?


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    続ける事が苦手な性格なのですが一つ一つが短いので毎日続けられています🥰 辞書が引けたり外国の先生に質問できたりとこれ一つでリスニングの勉強が完結するので本当に有難いです。 アニ ・・・


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    リスニング力を鍛えようにもシャドーイングをやる段階にすら達していないレベルだったのですが、こちらのアプリで子供向け番組を中心に初級から始めたらひと月もせずに自分の向上を自覚できてき ・・・


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    利用を始めて一年経ちました。とても良いアプリだと思うのですが、電池の減りが早いです。長時間したいけど電池なくなるのも困るし…スマホだけでなくPCやタブレットでも利用出来たら良いのに ・・・


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    Sevil Sevda


    süper ! 👍


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    기타리스트 큐나인


    결제해서 사용하고 있습니다. 틈틈히 시간날때 학습하기 정말좋고, 여러 편리한 기능들이 갖추어져있어 신경써서만든 티가 납니다. 앞으로도 더 많은 좋은 컨텐츠들 부탁 ・・・


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    Masashi Iwata


    楽しく、学べます。 学んだ表現を忘れないように、単語や熟語をメモしておく機能があるといいと思います。


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    休憩時間が1分だけ余っている時でも、このアプリで1、2センテンスを勉強することができるので、とても便利で重宝してます。 私にとって一番の英語学習アプリです。 ありがとうございます。


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    これはいい、本当にいい。メンバーシップに年会費を払って9ヶ月。サボる日もあるけど、平均週に5日、コンテンツは平均3つくらいやっている。今日、YouTubeで英語の講演を聞いてびっく ・・・


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    짧은 시간 지하철이나 버스 타고 가면서 들으면 아주 시간이 금방 갑니다~ 아직 까지는 너무 좋아요^^ 단어장 기능이 있으면 모르는 단어들 입력 후 다시 그 단어들 ・・・


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    mo m




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