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Question List of W19

What does "every single of" mean?

Does "heart-shaped face" a common phrase?

¿Qué significa "case closed" aquí?

What is the meaning of "truck in"?

I don't understand "I could sure use" part. How can I understand this expression?

¿Qué significa "pane"?

If you can call a person with short height a "tiny", then what do you call the person with a tall height?

Does the word "grin" refer to an "evil smile" that has a nasty intention?

¿Qué significa "go for"? ¿Y cómo se utiliza?

I can't understand the expression "it’s just more lies." What does "just more" mean? Is there any word omitted or implied? 🙇🏻‍♀️

What's the difference between "same with" and "same as"?

¿Qué significa "see the upside"?

What does "much of" mean here?

Then shouldn't you call it a "drought" instead of "dry monsoon"? Why would you call it "monsoon" despite the fact that there's no rain?

Why would you say "story" instead of "floor"?

How can I tell the difference between sweet and cute? 🤔

What's the difference between "jump" and hop?

Why does the speaker say "faster" not "fast"?

Do "blue" and "yellow" have a plural form?

Please tell me the meaning of "you made the team".

What is a wrist lock? Can I use "lock" to other part of the body?

What does the phrase "don't you..." mean?

When do you use "off to"?

It seems that "where" here is referring to a quote from the previous sentence. But why did she use "where"? Do native speakers think a 'quote' as an abstract place?

Does the music "hip-hop"'s hop have the same meaning as the "hop" in this context?

What is the meaning of "boundless"? Can I think it as "endless" or "infinite"?

What does "from time to time" mean?

What does "grand" mean? In which circumstances can I use it?

What does "disproportionately" mean? Can I replace this with "more likely"?

When can I use the expression "it didn't sound right to me either"? Could you give some example situations?

What does news really mean? Is it a plural word of "new"?

What's the difference between "king" and "emperor"?

What does "bring in" mean?

Can I replace "80-hour weeks" to "80 hours a week"?

What does "fondly" mean? and what are the synonyms in this case?

No entiendo por qué se utiliza "some" antes de "fresh air".

Is "pack heavy" the opposite expression for "pack light"?

What are "friendish", "friendoid"?

What does "mix up" mean? How can I use this?

I could often see the word "bot" online like "Reddit", "Twitter" or even games. I know the bot in this context is simply a name, but what does "bot" really mean?

What does "dear" mean here? And is this general expression??

When can I use "yap"?

I don't know when to say "Britain", "England", and "United Kingdom".

What would be the main difference between "town" and "village"? Are they always interchangeable?

¿Qué significa "centuries-old"?

Just curiosity, but does "Jack" and "John" are the same name? Because I heard some people call JFK to Jack Kennedy instead of John.

What does "don't you dare" mean?

What does "in public" mean?

¿Qué significa "fine with"? ¿Se puede remplazar "fine" por "okay"?

Is "cams" a short form of "camera"?

When can I use the word "boom"? Can I use this only when something shows growth for a short amount of time?

What does "roll out" mean?

¿Qué tipo de expresión es "right there"?

What does "dent" mean?

¿Por qué dice "lights out" y no "lights off"?

What does "stop by" mean?

So, can I use the word "wave" for both "greeting" and "expel" people?

¿Qué significa "ain't"?

Are "I'm gonna be gone" and "I'm gonna go" mean the same thing?

What would be good alternatives can I use instead of "good luck"?

If I put "quite" after "a" like "She's a quite girl", does the meaning stay the same?

What's the difference between "path", "road" and "route"?

What does "so that" mean?

What exactly "decide" mean here? Does it mean "choose something" in here?

What is the meaning of "turn" in this situation?

¿Es posible contar "mississippis"?

Does the word "sit" in this context has the same meaning as "settle"?

What does "just" mean here?

Can I use "field" instead of "patch"?

¿Qué significa "saving" aquí?

¿Se puede poner "into" después de "good men"? ¿Por qué se omite "into" en esta frase?

Can I say "Let's go" instead of "Let's roll"?

What does "copy that" mean? Can I use it in a daily conversation?

What does "gauge" mean?

What does "do" mean here and why did "do" come before "you"? Shouldn't it be "not only you do send me pictures"?

What does "your best" mean?

What dose "trip" mean here?

Just curiosity, but does "put one's head on the table" is a common phrase?

What kind of school is a boarding school?

What is Baby Corp? What does "corp" stand for?

What is the meaning of "catch up"?

What is the difference between "later" and "later on"?

What is the meaning of "form" here? What is difference from just saying "wasteful food"?

How come is the word "sound" used twice in one sentence?

What's the difference between "market" and "bazaar"?

What is the meaning and usage of "get this right"?

Why did you shorten the word "something" to "somethin' " in the script? Is there any difference?

I do understand that the word "foxy" means "sly" but doesn't "foxy" normally refers to something that's "sexually attractive"?

Is something skipped before "love to stop and catch up"?

Geez means “my god? “ or sth?

Why does it need “a” before natural? Isn't "natural" adjective?

Can I use the phrase "light up" for the electronics, even though it doesn't literally indicate a fire?

¿Qué significa "beeped" aquí? ¿Hace referencia al sonido del contestador? ¿Cuándo se puede utilizar esta expresión?

Does the word "flash" in this context have a same meaning as "rage"?

What are the differences between "rack focus to me" and "focus to me" and "tighten on me"?

¿Qué significa "you made it"? ¿Cómo se puede utilizar esta expresión?

What is the difference between "pass" and "hand"?

In this case, "us" is duplicate in "see us or hear us". Then, can I skip it like "see or hear us"? Does it mean the same?

¿Qué significa "pretty" aquí? ¿Se puede situar la palabra "pretty" en cualquier lugar de la frase?

What is the difference between "inmate" and "prisoner"?

¿Qué significa "went into" aquí? ¿Se podría decir "went through"?

¿Qué significa "stress" en esta frase?

How can thing (not people) suggest something?

Does the name "Schumacher" is somehow related with "shoemaker"? They sound so similar!

¿Podríais explicarme la expresión de "meant to be"?

¿Los adultos también utilizan la palabra "dude"?

What's the origin of the word "robot"? Does it also originate from Latin or Greek words like many other English words?

What does "here comes something" mean? Can I say "An airplane comes here" or "here airplane comes" instead?

What is the meaning of "when it comes to ~"?

Is "hurray" a word used by children? What does it mean?

I don't understand well about "one hell of a woo". Please let me know the meaning and nuance of it.

Does the "caterpillar wheel" for tanks and tractors are originated from the insect "caterpillar"?

¿Por qué Gru dice "go to bed" a pesar de que las niñas ya están en la cama? ¿No sonaría mejor decir "go to sleep"?

What is "slug"? Is it different from "punch" or "hit"?

Siento curiosidad por cómo se utiliza la palabra "kids" en esta frase.

¿Podría decir "I won't ask twice" o es que "I won't ask a second time" suena más formal?

What does "at" from "at the heart of" mean? Can I say omitting "at" in this case?

What's the difference between "evening" and "night"?

What does it mean to web someone up? Is it a common expression?

What's the difference between "surrogate" and "someone-in-the-law"?

What does "play along" mean?

It seems "I" is skipped at the front, and is it common to skip the subject in English? Or is it because this is lyrics?

If I say "easy" instead of "simple", would it change the nuance of the context?

What are killjoys ?

Is there any difference between "his friend" and "a friend of his"?

¿Qué significa "whereabouts"?

Party guy? What kind of guy is it?

¿Qué significa "it's safe to say..."? ¿Podríais dar más ejemplos?

Is D-day a short form of something?

¿Por qué es "I'm not done" y no "I haven't done"?

Does "India" and "Indonesia" are historically related? Why would they both have the name "Indo-"?

Does the name "Detie" a nickname of "Dietrich"? Just like Marlene Dietrich?

What does it mean by "speak one's language" in this context?

Is there any alternative word that can replace "fly" in this context?

Can I use the word "twinkle" other than stars?

Is it okay to write in the order of "balanced more than"?

As a verb, what's the difference between "want" and "wish"? Are they always interchangeable?

Is the word "arousal" used commonly in daily conversation?

Please tell me why "surpass" was used here among the synonyms (over, go beyond, etc.) Is there any special reason for it?

¿Cómo puede ser que dos sustantivos, "others" y "something of value", vayan seguidos?

¿Podrías explicarme cómo "go out" pasa a significar "salir con alguien"?

What does "as" do here?

There are "push" or "press", but why does the speaker use the word "hit"? What is the difference?

¿Qué significa "speak at the tone"?

¿Qué significa "hold the horses"?

I don't understand "just as much my friend" phrase. Isn't another "as" necessary after "as much"?

What does "sky is falling" mean? Is it an idiom?

Why was "could" used here? Is it okay to use "would" or other auxiliary verbs?

¿Qué significa "at the end of the day"?

What does "spry" mean? Is it used often?

How come "going to be sick" became a meaning of "going to puke"? For me, it feels like "someone has bad condition."

I haven't read the novel about "Heidi", but is Heidi an orphan?

Could you give me some situation that I can use "in terms of"?

What does "would" mean here and why was "would" used here? It seems to make sense by saying "I want her to know~"

Why would you put a comma after every three digits?

What does "Aye" mean?

Is a cow the only stock that can produce milk?

Why is it "is to be married", not "is going to marry"?

Why can't they see boss baby?

¿Qué significa "freaking" aquí?

What does "Nada" mean?

Isn't it right to say "didn't you" not "did we" considering the meaning? I'm curious why he used positive which is "did" and "we" (but it seems like asking to Ron alone).

What does "someone's in a family way" mean? Shouldn't it be "in the family" here?

¿Qué es "pollen"?

Does the sale in this context refer to just selling? Or selling at the discount price?

Why isn’t “week” but “weeks”?

I suppose the word rookie is for those who are inexperienced. Then what do you call people with much experience?

What's the meaning of "defiance"?

I think "forever" already means something that is continuous, but "forevermore" has stronger meaning?

In what situation is “itself" used which is coming right after the subject?

¿Cómo se utilizaría "go through a phase"?

What does "winky" mean here?

What does "set someone up" mean here?

Is "nope" a casual way of speaking "no"?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "tell" y "say"?

What does "stuff" mean here? Can I take this sentence as "there's something you don't know"?

What does "speed round" mean?

No entiendo la estructura de la frase, ¿podríais explicarla?😥

Please tell me when can I use the expression "it's a shame".

What does "pad" originally mean?

What's the main difference between "sound" and "noise"? Does "noise" refers to something more unpleasant?

¿Qué significa "chillaxing"?

What does "Long as" mean here?

Can I also use a word "nickname" to non-person thing?

What does "grazed" mean? and what are the similar expressions of "graze"?

Does "staple" have the same meaning as "product"?

When do you often use the term turbo-huge?

"Lots of other skills" looks like object to me, but it is located at the front of the sentence. Is there any reason the speaker used like that?

¿Se podría utilizar "make" en vez de "send" aquí?

Doesn't "anti-" refer to "opposed to something"? How come "anti + trust" refers to "anti + monopoly"?

Pensaba que "get open" significaba abrir algo, pero ¿qué significa en realidad?

What does "wash away" mean? Does it have the same meaning as "wiped out"?

What does "mid-stir" mean? Can I replace "mid-" with "half-"?

What does "it sure is" mean? and shouldn't it be "It is sure"? How's the nuance different?

What is "cabbage patch"?

What does 'come out' phrase refer to?

What does it mean to overwork something?

I assume that "commander" is related to the word "command". Then, does "commando" is also related to these words as well?

¿"Will not" suena menos directo que "must not"? Si les iba a pedir que no hicieran algo, ¿no debería decir mejor "must not"?

Can I say "moan" instead of "groan" in this context? If not, what would be the main difference between them?

How can I use the word "deserve"?

¿Qué significa "though" aquí?

Does the word "monster" means something "extreme"? If so, could you show me some examples?

Can I omit "over" and just say "look there"?

What does "gentleman" mean here? I thought it is only used in formal situation.

¿Por qué se pone "the" antes de "rain"?

When can I use the phrase "run into"?

What does "big ole" mean?

What does "totes" mean here?

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre "trait" y "characteristic"?

Creo que debería haber un "as" más para que fuera una comparativa, así que creo que "as it comes now" se ha omitido de alguna manera. ¿Es así?

Are "no", "nope", "nada" similar? How can I use them?

¿Se podría utilizar "have in common"?

What's the nuance of "the idea" here? Would "I've always loved summer and Sun" without "the idea" make the same sentence?

Can I use the word "gasp" in a formal situation?

What is the difference between "assignment" and "homework"?

¿Qué significa "Winnebago"?

Can I say "mad for [something] instead of "mad about [something]"?

What's the difference between "freak" and "strange"?

¿Puedo remplazar "pick" por "choose"?

Does the word "magical" refer to something miraculous?

Why do you put "the" in front of "move"? Should I always put "the" when I say this expression?

Does the word "monsoon" only refers to the rainy season in the South-East Asian region? Or can I use it for other countries as well?

What does "hurts to [something]" mean?

What does "live up" mean here? What are the synonyms?

What is the difference between putting "the" and not putting "the" to "fairy princess" here?

What's "be-ith"?

What does "roll over" mean?

Can I use "attractive" instead of "alluring"? What's the difference?

Why was "all" placed there?

¿Es necesario el "test out"? ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre solo "test" y "test out"?

In what else situation can I use the expression "get the green light"?

What does "dabble in something" mean?

How's it different between "going to be spending" and "going to spend"? I don't see the differences between "going to be -ing" and "going + to-infinitive"

Why did she use "homey" instead of "home"? Can I use "home" instead?

¿Qué significa "take it out of someone"?

What is the meaning of "pet peeves"?

Whenever I read American comics, I could often see lines written with "italic", "boldface type" or "quotations". What's the purpose of it?

¿Qué significa "to get a gimmick"?

What does "even" mean here? How can you I use "even" like this?

What does "one" from "I was the one" mean?

Is "full-screen" used as a verb here? I thought only the verb can come after "let's".

Is "dig in" different from "eat in"?

What does "something" mean here? and how can I use this?

No entiendo cuál es la gracia. ¿Por qué a los Hiddlestoners les parece gracioso Hiddleboners?

¿Se puede utilizar "sometime" en vez de "time to time"?

¿Qué significa "deal" aquí?

Is "so" commonly used to emphasis things? What's the other expression of "so" in this case?

¿Gru dice "never get older" porque Agnes es muy inocente?

What does "render" mean? and how do you use this word in other contexts?

Can I replace "if I'm being honest" to "to be honest" in any case? Which expression is more common?

What does "pre-vetted place" mean here?

I suppose the phrase "run after" refers to those who're chasing. Then, which expression can you use when someone is "being chased" by others?

When do you use "here we go"?

Can I say "and" instead of "or"? (see us and hear us)

Could you explain when do you put "then" in the end of the sentence? And what does it mean?

¿Qué significa "delivery" aquí?

Generally, does the word "stop" can replace the "station"? Or is it simply called "last stop", because it's the final destination?

What's the difference between "tool" and "equipment"?

¿Qué significa "you want a piece"? ¿Significa "pelearse"?

¿Qué significa el "than" de "other than that"?

No entiendo qué pretende al decir eso. ¿Podríais explicarlo un poquito más?

What does "be down to party" mean?

Is there any differences in nuance or meaning between "buddy" and "buddy boys"?

What does "part Jewish" mean? Is it different from "I'm Jewish"?

What is the difference between "varies from A to A" and "varies by A"?

Why did he put "the" in front of tomatoes? And shouldn't I put "the" in front of "lettuce" and "cucumber" as well"?

Why would they measure the amount of rainfall with "millimeter"?

Is his name "Cocky" because he is arrogant?

What's the meaning of : and how to use : ?

Can I replace "cheesy" to "cheap"? Are there any differences in meaning?

¿Qué significa "cover Connecticut" aquí?

El profesor de inglés basado en vídeos de YouTube, RedKiwi

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¿Cómo quieres hablar inglés si no lo entiendes?

¡Ya es hora de mejorar tus habilidades de escucha!


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    great app! i like that you can filter videos by accent this is very important to me please ・・・


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    Tengo mucho que agradecerles, pues lo que he aprendido, gracias a ustedes, es mucho mucho. ・・・


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    Muy buena para quien quiere aprender practicando y sin estudiar gramática.


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    素晴らしいです。発音と文字を一致させるのに最適です。リダクションなどの単語単体の発音から大きく逸脱する時の解説があるとより良いです。 また、スクロールが突然逆に進むバグがあります。 ・・・


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    Absolutely, the Best app for English learner


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    영어듣기는 지겨워서 맨날 포기했는데 재밌는 영상이 많아서 안질리고 매일 할 수 있어요!


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    Arche Lets


    좋은 앱입니다. 한달 가까이 쓰고 있는데, 영어 듣기, 스피킹(발음, 플루언시)이 꽤 많이 향상되는게 느껴지네요! 이 앱의 최대 장점은 단순하고, 원하면 뭐든 무 ・・・


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    너무 좋음 이런앱을 기다려왔어...


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    Bander Usaimi


    Beautiful 💖


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    분명히 1년 결제했는데 로그인해도 계속 3일무료체험후 결제하라고 뜨고 이용권이 없다고 떠서 앱 1;1문의에 남겼더니 도움 주셔서 잘 되네요. 잘 이용하겠습니다


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    品質の良いアプリですね 聞き取りを楽しくできそうです 発音の方は特にAIチェックなどはないようです 子供に使わせたいから、レーティングコントロールと ひらがなでの訳表示があると良 ・・・


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    살까말까 고민하다가 할인한다길래 1년으로 샀습니다. 일단 너무 좋은데.. 저만 그 발음 말하면 다음으로 안 넘어가네요.. 계속 로딩만 뜨고 안넘어 가요ㅜㅜ 아 근 ・・・


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    Excelente aplicación para aprender Ingles.


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    컨텐츠는 너무좋은데요 유튜브 화면이 티비지지직거리는것처럼 안보이는 영상이 많아요 유료결제하려고하는데 저게 장벽이네요 왜그러는걸까요


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    오우 계속 자동구간 반복 진짜 최고


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    15년 경력의 전직 영어 강사로서 말씀드리건대 가히 최고의 리스닝 앱입니다


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    手軽にディクテーションができるので非常に良いです。 料金も1年間で2600円とかだったので、かなりコスパがいいと思います。 まだ使い始めて3日とかですが、今のところとても楽しく勉強 ・・・


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    조금 빠르긴 하지만 그래서 더 여러 번 들으면서 문장을 만들어가서 좋습니다. 조금 느리게 듣는 기능이 추가되면 저같은 초보에게 많은 도움이 될 것 같습니다.


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    그런데 혹시 1년치 구독이 된건가요? 결제된것이 이 어플로 추정되서 바로 구독취소 하긴 했는데 환불이 가능할까요? 구독 되고는 한번도 이용 안했습니더ㅠㅠ 확인 부 ・・・


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    Sebastian Rodriguez Torres


    lo mejor de lo mejor


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    短い時間でたくさん聞きたいので、倍速再生機能をつけて欲しいです。 もしすでに実装されていたら、使い方を教えてください


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    Kike Hernández


    Existe otro método de pago? Porque no tengo cuenta bancaria 🚫


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    初心者にもシャドーイングができる良いアプリ。Netflixなどを使ってシャドーイングにチャレンジしてきたが挫折。このアプリでは続けられている。 1点要望としては、画面の色が白色のた ・・・


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