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Question List of W26

What does "her" refer to in "her cat"?

Would it be same meaning if I say "What difference does IT make" instead of THAT?

What does "so does George" mean? Can I say "so does George too"? I'm not familiar with this phrase, so could you tell me the examples that use "so does someone"?

Is it natural if I change "head home" to "go home" here?

What does “thrust” mean?

What is "jerk" and "jerky"?

What does "be named after someone" mean?

Can I use "can" instead of "could" here?

What is the difference between "occasionally" and "sometime"?

What does "uncanny" mean?

Why is it "to you", not "to me"? Actually, I don't get the meaning of this sentence. They sent mail to woman? Or Conan?

What does "end up in ~" mean?

¿Qué significa "mad chubs"? ¿Es una palabra que se utilice a menudo?

Could you explain the meaning of "it lasts in love"? I don't get the meaning well.

What is the meaning of "matter"? Could you give some other example sentences using "matter"?

What is the meaning of "it's the herald of ~"?

I thought "purchase" is a verb, but is it used as a noun here? What does it mean?

Is the position of "first" right? Is the word "first" used as an adverb?

When can I use "used to + verb" expression?

What is "overhead bins"?

What is the word class of "company"? Is it a noun or a verb?

What does "make sure" mean here?

Why did Joey say "nice" here?

What does "fetch" mean here?

Is "the be verb" skipped before "allowed" (like "Carry-on is allowed.")? Is it common to skip like this? Or is "allow" just past tense?

What does "come in second" mean? How can I use this phrase?

If I change "stay" to "keep" here, does the meaning stay the same?

What does this sentence "like straight out" mean? When can I say this expression?

What does "until" mean here? Is she stuttering, so she didn't finish the sentence starting with "until"?

What does "unsee" mean? Is it opposite of "see"?

What does "go of something" mean?

Does "on my own" mean "alone"? How's it different from "by myself"?

Is "roll deep" an idiom?

Could you tell me why it is "a very first", not "the very first"?

In this situation, what is different between "What have you guys been up to?" and "What did you guys do?"?

Can I use "that" instead of "what"?

Does "stay dry" here mean simply not wet?

I don't understand why it's not "Kicking the crotch in a guy", isn't it "kicking a guy in the crotch". Please explain about this.

What is the meaning of "all the way out"?

Can I use "as the fact that" instead of "for the fact that"?

What's "don't take it personally"? and how's it different from "no offense"?

¿Cuándo puedo utilizar palabras como "kind of" o "kinda"?

What does "what" refer to here?

I don't quite understand the phrase "In whatever form that takes", what does "take" mean here?

What does "it" refer to here? and could you explain about this sentence mean please.

What does "name" mean here?

"can" and "be able to", what's the difference?

What does "why" mean here? Is it something like "well"?

Does "go out" mean "hang out"?

Can I say "choosing the most important message" instead?

I found out the "hike" in the dictionary, but I don't quite get how to use this word. Could you tell me how can I use "hike"?

What does "controversial photo" mean? Can I use "controversial" to other words as well?

What does "in my disgust" mean?


When can I use the expression "I'm flattered"?

Could you describe the image of "could've set"? Possibility in the past?

Does the meaning change if I change "have" to "get" or "take"? Please tell me the difference in nuance.

In the previous sentence, there was no "at" after "stay up", but here it is "stay up at". Is there any difference between two(stay up vs stay up at)?

Does "quality time" have close meaning as "good time"?

What does "way" mean here? and could you give me some examples of "in this way" please?

What does "work on" mean?

What does "other than that" mean?

When can I use "in terms of ~"?

What is the meaning of "well thought out"?

Does "issue" here mean "print"? In what situation can I use "issue"?

Why did he use "took off" instead of "go" or "leave"? Is there any difference?

How can I use "sure" like this?

What is “Tovex”?

What does "nip" mean here? Does it mean to bite something?

If I just say "more" rather than "more than", does the meaning stay the same?

How is different between "itinerary" and "schedule"? Or are two words synonym?

Is it same if I change "turn into" to "turn to"?

Where's "Mystic Mountain" and what is "Mystic Mountain" famous for?

What's "No service"? Is it general expression?

"For" sounds like "i" sound. (Like "foir"?) Is it a standard British accent, or just this pig pronounce like this?

What is "shopping potential"?

What is the meaning of "get over"?

What does "full" mean here?

What does "so" mean in "so people"?

Could you explain the question "What's one cause that is dear to your heart?" more? I don't understand this question quite well.

What does "all stealthy like" mean? And is "like" a filler word here?

Shouldn't the sentence be started with "can you" not "you can" to put "please?" How can I use "please" with a declarative sentence?

Can I say "keep watching" instead of "keep watch" here?

What does "be through a lot" mean? Is it a common expression?

Is it common to shorten Washington DC to DC? Is there any other DC I should not get confused with?

What is the meaning of "catapulted into"?

Can I just say "pity about" instead of "take pity about"?

What does "get closure" mean? Is it a common phrase?

What does "custom" mean here? Why is there "a" in front of it?

What does "her" refer here? Is it common to use "her" like this?

What does "crib" mean here?

What is the meaning of "haul" in "short-haul" or "long-haul"? Is it okay to use this word to describe the length of golf course?

Is "Los Angeles" usually cloudy? Why is he emphasizing "sunny" here?

What does "culprit" mean? Does it have a negative meaning itself?

Is this expression used only in very excellent case?

What does "be implicit in" mean?

Is there any other word that has a form of "whole...ly"?

Why does he use "with" instead of "of" in "countries with low-income"?

What does "savage" mean?

In "four and a half minutes", why is there "a" even it has plural of "minutes"?

Can I replace "a rather" to "a little" or "a bit" here?

What does "go on turning" mean? Does it mean "change"? How can I use this expression "go on turning"?

I haven’t really understood what was she talking about... magic chicken? Could you please explain to me what is the meaning from the context?

Does "you were ever my best friend" mean "you were friends in the past, but not now"? What does "ever" mean here?

What does "stand watch" mean? How does this two verb come in a row?

What does "come off" mean?

What does “LASIK” mean? Could you please give me some other usages of this word?

What does "all" mean here?

What does "see the resemblance" mean?

What does "run on" mean here?

Which word is a subject of "enabled"?

How could 3 verbs (standing, watch and took) comes in a row? I don't understand this sentence grammatically.

Is "block" verb here? What does it mean?

What does "tall" mean here? Is "tall story" an idiom?

In this context, what does "does it" mean?

What does "stick with someone" mean?

Does "in 1980" mean only year 1980 or 1980~1989?

What is the meaning of this joke? Is she implying that his idea is too old-fashioned?

Does "news" have plural form?

What does "baby oven" mean here? Is it a general expression?

What is the difference between "unleash something upon us" and "unleash something on us"?

Is there some words which skipped behind "as" such as "a change is" or "a change"?

What does "chronological order" mean? Could you suggest some other examples that I can use when introducing order?

Why did audiences start laughing when the teacher said "others"?

Does the meaning change if I say "grab only things"?

What does "triggers" mean?

What does "cubs" mean?

What is "per capita generation"?

Is "I've been in business" same as "I've been working"?

Is "while" verb here? What does it mean?

Does "going somewhere" always mean "something goes in a positive way"? also in this context, can I say "going well / improving" instead?

What does "here we are" mean and when do you use it?

I don't understand grammar structure of "more than made up ~". How can the verb "made" come after "more than"? And what is the meaning of "more than"? It looks not a common "more than something".

What does "phase out" mean here?

What does "went by" mean? When can I use this phrasal verb?

In conversation, is it more common to say "a pair of pants" instead of just "pants"?

What is the difference of "since" and "because" in this case?

Why did the speaker use "the following year" instead of "the next year"?

Does the "mate" used as a verb in "mate for life"? What does it mean?

Are there something skipped in the sentence "he's at it"? What does it mean?

When should I use "pissworm"?

Why did she say "sweaty" here?

What does "ease anger" mean? Is it common to use the verb "ease" with emotions?

Shouldn't "then" be placed in front of the sentence? How come it's placed after the subject?

What does "on purpose" mean?

What is "a mixed bag"? Is it a common expression?

What does "Palms" mean in the City of Palms?

What does "silent auction" mean? Is there any other type of auction?

What does "in case" mean here?

What are the similar expressions of "just a second"?

What does "burn someone to" mean here? Can you tell me more examples of "burn someone to ~"?

Isn't it necessary to put "is" before "ready"?

What is different between "you definitely seemed to be liking" and "you definitely seemed to like"?

Why is the subject in where clause "you", not "I"?

Does "whenever she starts laughing" have the same meaning as "every time she starts laughing"?

What is the difference between "engagement" and "appointment"?

Why did he use present progress "would be buying" instead of just "would buy"?

"questions" is plural, but why does the verb "wins" have "s" at the end?

Is "much of someone" a general expression? When can I use it?

What does "set" refer here?

What does "What we have here" refer to?

I can't see the subject in the main clause (help her cat stay dry). How is this sentence structured?

What is "bento"? I haven't heard of this word before.

What does go for mean? And how do you use it?

Do you say the word "post" for the blog? Can I replace this word to "write" or "upload"?

Is it common to use the word "bleed" to non-human thing?

Is it common to put "how old" in the middle of the sentence like this?

What's "let's go with"? When can I use this expression?

What does "take" mean here?

Is it common to say "have" meaning "eat"? Or is it only possible to soup?

Why is there no "the" in front of "first"? Is it okay to not put "the" in front of "first"?

When can I use the expression "it's a whole another story"?

Why did he used subjunctive here?

What does "stand" mean here?

What does "call for something" mean?

Why is it used "is" not "has"?

What is photobooth?

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