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What does "all the time" mean?

Would the meaning be the same if I skip "around" after "place?

What is the meaning of "take roll"? Is it a common expression?

What does "spring something on somebody" mean? Does it have negative meaning itself?

What does "that" mean from "It’s that"? And is it okay just to say "I'm" instead of "It's that guy"?

When can I use the expression "dive right into something"?

Is "one" necessary?

Do you use "oftentimes" often? What else can I use instead of "oftentimes"?

What is "baby shower"?

What does "burning liquor" mean?

What is the meaning of "nerve-wracking"?

Is it okay to not put "to" in front of "home"?

What does "have" mean here?

What does "walk out" mean?

What does "my bottom dollar" mean? Is "bottom dollar" a common word?

Can I say "hell" instead of "heck" here? What's the difference?

What does “on top” mean?

What is the difference between "get on shoes" and "wear shoes"?

Isn't "hundred times" plural form? How come "a" came before it?

What is the difference between "social" and "societal"?

What does "enemies" mean here? Is it "Anti follower"?

What does "soak it in" mean? What does "it" refer here?

Could you teach me when can I use “no longer”?

What type of shop is "pawn shop"?

It seems like "which is" is more appropriate than "what's." What do you think?

What does "strain" mean here? Could you suggest some other words that is similar to "strain"?

Can you explain me about the expression "nailed it"?

Can I replace "missus" with "someone's wife"? I don't understand what "missus" means.

What does "merrily" mean? Dictionary only says that it is a name of girl.

What does "it couldn't hurt to look" mean?

What does “along with” mean?

What does "defined" mean here?

How different "could you not" and "couldn't you"?

What is different from saying "I think we can't turn anymore!"?

How can I use "not if"?

Does "essence" mean "sperm" and is it general to call sperm an essence? What's the difference between these two?

Is "only" used for emphasize?

Why "the" is not put between "on top"? How different "on top" and "on the top"?

Is "germs" same as "virus"?

Is "go into college" different from "go to college"?

How can I understand "up" here? What's different between "call me" and "call me up"?

What does "put you on the spot" mean?

What does "reply" mean in the debate context? I thought it is only used to messaging context.

Can I replace "think with" with "think about" or "think on"? I want to know how to use "think with".

Why was "renaming" (the present participle) used even the speaker is referring to the past? Also, is it grammatically correct to putting no "be" verbs?

Why does "learning" was used here? What does it refer to?

If I change "pet" to "stroke", does it sound too formal? Or do they have the same meaning?

What is the subject of the verb "means"?

Isn't an article necessary before the word "desk-dwelling"?

What does "so bad" mean here?

What does "moron" mean?

What does "this close" mean?

What does "negotiating with" mean here?

What does "here we go" mean in this situation? and why did he say "we" not "I"?

How come she said "he gets" while he's standing right in front of her? I think she could've said "look how nervous you get."

What does "be littered with" mean?

What does "good to see ya" mean in this situation?

Isn't it necessary to put "the" in front of "top"? Why isn't there "the"?

Could you tell me why did he say it is racist song?

Could you give me some examples of "I am all about ~" so that I can understand this phrase?

Is it okay to say "Whatever form that takes in" instead?

How come "a" is put before "second" in this sentence?

Does "proximity" mean "distance"? Is there any reason of using "proximity" not "distance" in this situation?

Can I say "out of one's mind" to my friend? and would it be rude to say it?

Can I use this expression to ask what kind of car does someone own? Or would it be considered a rude question?

Is "cut the timeline" a common expression?

Why "write" is original form in here? Can I use writing or to write?

Is there any words that can replace "got" here?

Do you use "why would I do that" commonly? When do you use it?

Can I use "disposable" instead of "single-use" here? What's the different between those two?

What does "in labor" mean?

When can I use the expression "no matter"?

What does "sick" mean here?

Why did she use "again" there?

When, how can I use "the sooner"?

What does "try out" mean?

What does "mean to" mean here? I thought "mean to" means "fate", "destiny," but that doesn't make sense in this sentence :(

Could you tell me about the relative pronoun, please? When can I skip it? Can I say "I know him plays tennis there" instead of "I know him who plays tennis there"?

Aren't "strong" and "powerful" the same?

What does "cross someone" mean? Do you use this expression in general?

Can I replace "stuff" with "thing"? Do "stuff" and "thing" have the same meaning?

Can I use "interesting" instead of "entertaining"?

What is "butting heads"? Is there any synonyms?

What does "get stuck" mean?

Is "aboard my boat" same with "take my boat"?

Does "you were both of aware" and "both of you were aware" mean the same here?

I think I hear "I don't think that's true" more than "I think that's not true." Is there any difference? If there's no difference, which one is better or natural?

What is "quilt"?

Who does "we" refer to?

What's the difference between "pet name" and "nickname"?

Why is "in" located in front? What is the meaning of "in"?

What does "reach over" mean?

Is he speaking in a certain dialect of the UK?

Did she actually say “which”? Sounds like “what”!

What is the meaning of "lit up"? What can be expressed as "lit up"?

What does "distinguished" mean here? and what are the synonyms for this?

Is "start" necessary here?

Does "get to someone" mean "know someone's weakness" here?

Is the phrase "if you like" used only at the end of the sentence?

What is the meaning of "much" in this case?

What does "turning against" mean? Could you give me more examples of "turning against"?

What is "green card"? Is there any other colored card as well?

What is the role of "literally"? It seems "It is impossible to sink." already deliver the meaning.

What is the difference between "far along" and "so long"?

When can I say "that's a plus"?

How does "somewhere" work here?

What is "inner city"? Is it different from just "city"?

Can I replace "the box's folds" with "the folds of the boxes"? Which one sounds more natural?

What does "love" refer to here?

What does "how-to" mean here?

What does "right after" mean?

What does "it" refer to here?

Is "patented" adjective here? Does "have patented" mean "take a patent"?

Could you explain me about the expression "pull on someone's leg"?

How come possible to put "is" behind "see"?

여기서 you set the term은 무슨 뜻인가요? 뭔가를 시작했다는 일반적인 표현인가요?

Does "name" and "choose" a have same meaning?

Is it common to put complete phrase after relative pronoun (who) common ?

Why is the object of Kick not crotch but guy? Is it common to use "in the" to express body part?

When can I say "ta-da"?

What does "wrong" mean here? Is there any words that can be replaced with "wrong"?

What does "sell someone on something"?

Why do they refer pushing something like doll as "texting"?

What does "steady figure" mean? and is it general expression?

Can I say "those words are stretching two city blocks" with present progressive tense? I thought present progressive tense is more right.

Would の用法は何ですか?

What does "haul ass" mean?

What does "did I not" mean? Could you explain about grammar of this please.

What does "shake the bushes" mean?

What does "call" mean here? and can I understand "call" as a noun?

What is the meaning of "dilated"?

What is the difference between "important to" and "important for"?

What is the meaning of "make something up to somebody"?

Is it different between "the month of May" and just "May"?

If she's referring to a place "online", shouldn't it be "in online" or "on online", not just "online"?

Why does "the" put before "White House"? Should I always put "the"?

Is it common to use the word "eliminate" toward person?

What is the meaning of "being someone's right hand"?

Can I replace "oughta" with "must" and "have to"?

What does "push this down" mean?

Is the verb omitted here? Also, can I say "stretch" instead "stretching" here?

What does "start the clock" mean? Isn't the clock always started by itself?

What does "once" mean here? Does it mean "when"?

How is it different to say "I've got planned" instead of "I've planned"?

What's the difference between "letters" and "words"?

Is "not but" an idiom? What does "one" refer to here?

What does "figs" mean? and is it general expression?

Could you give some example of "gooey"? Is it only used to food?

Is "with" necessary here? I thought it is okay to say just "I'd like to present you a gift".

How can I understand "before me" from the phrase "like my daddy before me"?

Can you explain me about the expression "could use"? Does it mean "need"?

What does "conmen" mean?

What is the role of "in" in "expert in the idea"?

What does "in my transit" mean? Is it commonly used?

What is the nuance difference between "You can't be serious" and "You are not serious"?

I don't understand well about the expression "dying out".

Are "in under" and "within" the same here?

I wonder why "in" is placed between "painted" and "the words." Also, is "in" necessary here?

Would the nuance be changed if I put "best" instead of "biggest" here?

What does "getting" mean here?

Is there any difference between "think with", "think about", and "think of"?

What does "something-borne" mean and how do you use this expression?

If I say "only wrong thing", does it sound weird?

Does "allowed" mean "prohibition" here? Doesn't it should be "be allowed to~"?

What does "I was born yesterday" mean? Is that a metaphor?

Can I understand "the mayor renaming" as "the mayor renamed"? Would the meaning be different if I replace "renaming" with "renamed" here?

What does "be timely to do something" mean?

"Did you" is a grammatical inversion of "you did"? Could you explain why they are inverted?

What does "take something away" mean here?

Is the word "takeout" used commonly? Is it different from "to go"?

Is it "you like to" not "you'd like to"? Then what's the verb here?

How come "make" comes right after "go"?

I don't quite understand why she used "how" here? Isn't it more right to say "that" instead of "how"?

Isn't the article necessary in front of the title of the "king" or the "president"?

Does "herb" mean "cannabis" here? What are the other slang words for "cannabis"?

Why did he use preposition"after", not "from"?

What is the difference between "wind" and "gust"?

Is changes a noun or verbs?

What does "like" mean in this case?

What does "distinguish man" mean? Can "distinguish" be used as an adjective?

What does "come again" mean in this case?

Is it possible to say "to research something" instead of "to do something research"?

What does "up" mean here? and what's the role of "up" here?

What is the "con position" here? Is it related to "pro position" at the next sentence?

Does "in times of something" mean "when"? How can I use this expression?

How to use the phrase "get enough done"?

Can I replace "Sire" with "Your highness" here?

Is it okay to use "is it someone" to person? Shouldn't I use "is she someone"?

What does "underdog" mean here?

Is the combination of "adjective + -ton" common expression? and does it also mean "something + adjective"?

Why is he say "pals" with plural form?

What’s the meaning of this whole sentence? She can call him by any name which she wants?

What is the difference between "misstep" and "mistake"?

Does "distress" have any relation with "stress"? What does "distress" mean?

How can I use "wanders" in other situations?

What does "everything is by design" mean? Is "by design" an idiom?

What does this sentence mean?

What does "I'm the biggest Baz Luhrmann" mean? How can she be other person?

What does "burn it right by" mean? Is it a common expression?

What does "nice touch of something" mean?

Can I just say "only two friends" here? Why did he say "two friend groups" here? Is there any reason for that?

Is there something omitted before "No more"? I don't know how the sentence starts like this.

What does "fastened with" mean?

What does "quirks" mean? Is it a common word?

What is the meaning of "boo" and "fly girl"?

What does "bring in the bread" mean?

What does "in case" mean?

Why did Jake pause for a moment between "quick" and "walk"?

What does "collidin'" mean? and what are the synonyms of this word?

What does "save" mean here? Does it mean "prevent something"?

What does "well" mean here?

Why is it okay to put "a" in front of a person's name?

Why is there "a" in front of "dinner"?

What type of man is "yes-man"? Then, is there also "no-man"?

What does it mean to "be high"?

Is the term "financial slaps" used commonly?

What does "puny" mean? and what are the synonyms?

What is "rib cage"? Isn't the cage for a bird?

What does "wicked air" mean?

How do you spend the day "Hanukkah"?

What does "that" mean here? Is it necessary to put there?

Can I think "only" is adjective in here?

How nuance will change if "like this chemical thing" replace to "like a chemical thing"?

What does "repressant" mean?

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