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Question List of W2

Does "replace" mean "change"?

Please tell me the role of "in with" here.

Is the "do" emphasized here?

What does "close living quarters" mean here?

What does "run-in" mean?

What's "wasabi"?

In the sentence, it says "start off", but is it weird if I say just "start" in this sentence?

Does “Why” be also used as an exclamation expression?

What is the “Fietsersbond”?

Is it rude to say “off you go”?

When can I use "I mean"?

What does "available" mean?

What does "broody" mean? Is it a common expression?

What is the synonym for “make sure”?

Why "on" was put after "put your seatbelt"? Is it okay not to put "on"?

Is it ok to replace "way" with "much" in this sentence?

Isn’t it more accurate to call it “glass shoes”, not "glass slippers"?

Should I always put “the” in front of “Dutch”?

Please tell me the meaning of "butt".

What is the difference between path and road?

What does "car crash" mean?

When can I use "dipshit"? What does it mean?

What's the difference befween 'wanna' and 'want to'?

In this content, the speaker is using present tense to talk about something happened in the past. If I use past tense here, would it sound weird to native speakers?

What is "royal command"?

What does "that" here refer to?

Why does the "apostrophe" be placed in front of "round"?

What does “come to papa” mean?

What does "in a rut" mean?

What is "trynna"?

What does "beyond belief" mean?

What is the nuance of "sober"?

What does "beat something out" mean?

What does "freakin'" mean?

Can I just say "take a gondola", not "take a gondola ride"?

In this sentence, is "drop" being used as the same meaning as "tell"?

What does "get lost" mean? I thought it means to not know where to go, but in here it used like get out of here. Am I understanding it right?

Why does 'send letters' mean "apply for a job"?

In the previous sentence, he said "Some of the groups held their MEETING" (singular), but here he said "the others held THEM" (plural). Why didn't he make it consistent?

What does "them" refer to?

What does "you" refer to here?

I can't hear "come on". Could you check the script?

What does "live off his personality" mean?

What does "so long" mean? How can I use this expression?

What does "screw up" mean?

This "be" is necessary for grammatically?

What is "side note"?

What does "out" here refer to?

what is "see" in here?

Is subject being omitted? What is the subject of this sentence?

Is "Yosemite" a famous place for a camping?

What does "bit" mean here?

Is “set fire” same to “start fire”?

Can I say "walk beside a canal" instead of "walk along a canal"?

What does "eligible" mean?

What does "hold" mean here?

Whats the difference between 'who' and 'whom'?

What's "foyer"?

What is the difference between “put on” and “wear”?

What does "along" mean here?

What does "swear to you" mean?

What does "mission" mean here?

Why does he say "when you're 7 years old" while he's talking about his story? I thought he should say "I'm."

Can I also say “put someone second”?

What does "trickle down" mean?

Does "pizzazz" mean stylish? Dictionary says it is energy, vitality, etc.

What does "for an instant" and "fold in" mean here?

What does "Millennials" mean? What kind of people use this word?

What does "something is top notch" mean? Could you explain me the part of "top notch"?

Isn’t “moment” uncountable noun? How can he put “s” at the end?

What does "a.k.a" mean? Is it used a lot?

What does "call" here refer to?

What does "humungous" mean?

Could I say just "all momentum" not "all of the momentum"?

Why is "you" being used after "find"? Would the sentence make sense if I omit "you" here?

Doesn't it sound more natural to use "it's" instead of "I'm"?

Isn't "half of the population" right, rather than "half the population"?

What is the origin of ‘sweet mother of Gandalf’?

Could you tell me the situation I can use "Ok, then"?

Is "are" being omitted after "hackers" in this sentence?

Is "at" necessary in "how and at what"? I don't understand why "at" is being used in that phrase.

What's the difference between "woods" and "grove"?

What does “pick someone up” mean?

What is "Auto Universe"? Is it a name of a store?

What does "put up a fight" mean?

What does "come on" mean here? Can you tell me how to use "come on" in daily conversation?

What does "gotta" mean?

Why does dollar have “s” at the end while “a billion” seems singular?

What does "dumb" mean?

What does "stigma" here mean?

What is the synonym of "None other than"?

Please let me know how to use "in a jiffy".

What are synonyms for "move it"?

Could I ask what "gird your loins" means?

What is the meaning of "balls" of "personal balls"?

What does "course" and "so" mean here? Does "so" mean the same as "kind of"?

What is the difference between "gonna" and "going to"?

Could you tell me the meaning of "make a global splash"?

Would the sentence mean the same if I replace "we" with "you"? What is the difference in nuance between "can we..." and "can you..." here?

What does "reach out to" mean?

Why does she say "in" after "makeup"?

Isn't the "cycle" means bicycle(bike) that we ride on?

Isn't the word "hire" used only in company? Can I use it in these casual situation?

What does "direction" mean here?

What does "brain jazz" mean?

What does a "tough call" mean?

How can I understand "help" in this sentence?

What kinds of word I can use to replace “priceless”?

What does "eugenic abortion" mean?

Would the nuance of this sentence change if I omit "on" and just say "early in life" here?

What does "under arrest" mean?

What does "you got there" mean here?

I don’t know the role of "as". Is it like "when"?

What does "attend to" mean?

"have no money" already means "no money", but why she said "don't have no money"?

What is "briefing pack"?

What does "your highness" mean?

What is the difference between "doin'" and "doing"?

What does "Oh, please" mean?

What does "why" mean here?

What does "Dogs" mean in here? Does it have mean "employee"?

What does "chill the f-out" mean?

What does the apostrophe in front of 'a' mean?

What does 'no matter' mean?

What's "T.J. Hooker"?

What does "guilty pleasure" mean?

What does "drop someone off" mean?

What is the difference between "frustrating" and "disappointed"? How can I use them?

Which one is correct, "all right" or "alright"?

What does “get burn” mean?

What's "Hot 100 Fest"?

What does "young gun" mean? Is it a common expression?

"make it" here is often used like this?

If I say "Do clean up yourself", does the meaning get changed?

Is it also correct to write “bike related” without “-“ instead of “bike-related”? Do all phrases "noun + related" are to be written with “-“ in between?

What does “pull off” mean?

Can I use "another" instead of "other"?

What does "squabble" mean?

"freaking out" means same with "surprise"? What does "freaking out" here refer to?

Does "to take someone into my arms" mean "to hug someone"?

What kind of shoes are they? What's dodgy men?

What's "Blanket of Death"?

Are “Disneyland” and “Disney world” different ones?

What does “think twice” mean?

What does “blow something out of the water” mean?

What is the nuance of "wispy"?

What does "ye" mean?

What does "went on to" here refer to? Is it used often in daily conversation?

Does "oh, my god" take their origin from "Oh, my goodness"?

What does "point" mean here?

How can I interpret "way too fly" part? Is it something like slang?

Why is it "their mother" not "her mother"?

Does the phrase "beef up" have any relationship with "beef" which is meat?

How to use the word “short” here?

What does "a row of something" mean?

What is the meaning of “get past sth”?

How different are "have got to" and "have to"?

What does "castle-storming" mean? Does it have the meaning of "brave"?

What is the meaning of "litter"?

Does Vampire have "venom", not "poison"?

Why is "also" being placed at the end of the sentence? Is there any difference in nuance between "also need a passport" and "need a passport also"?

Could we also use "kitty" to a human?

How does "her" be used here?

I don't understand why the speaker says that's manipulation.

Does "get A B" mean "give A to B"?

Who is “Belle”? Why she’s talking about “Belle”?

Who is the "yes-sir"?

What does "quick fuse" mean? Does it describe someone's personality?

In this sentence, the subject of "face" is "young guys"? If so, can I also say "problem that young guys are facing" here? Could you explain the structure of this sentence?

Could you explain more about the expression "you name it"? Is it something like "you know"?

Does “rocks” refer to subject "geology"?

What does 'in a jiffy' mean?

What does "mighty" mean here?

Please explain the meaning of "give someone the business".

What does "jot something down" mean and when can I use this expression?

Is it common to use "salvage" like this way?

When is it appropriate to write 'a' compared to 'an'? For example, "It's an honor." and "It's a cab."

What does "ever since" mean?

What does "til" mean? Is it an abbreviation or something?

What is the meaning of "filter down"?

What does "patented" mean here?

How can I use "snuggle up"?

Why does he put "out" after "give"?

What is “rose-colored glasses”? Is it really just red-colored glasses?

What is the difference between “how about” and “what about”?

Please tell me the meaning of "stand a chance".

What does “fall for” mean?

Why is it not present perfect tense?

What does "squeal" mean? Is it similar to "shout" or "scream"?

What does “break into” mean?

Why does she use "for" after "on"?

Does 'kid' here mean to do something that kid does?

Why do they mention “Annie” here? What’s it about?

What does "way too much" mean?

When can I use "get a grip"?

What does "do" mean here?

Whats the difference between 'Gonna' and 'Going to'

How come swimming naked is called “skinny dipping”?

What does it mean to "sing off-key”?

Can I use “I’m bored.” instead of “I get bored.”? Are there any differences between these two sentences?

I don't understand this. Is it supposed to be a joke?

What does "you tell me" mean?

When can I use the expression "being screwed"?

What does it mean to “promise the world”?

What does "would've worked this time" refer to here? Does it mean "he could've receive a present this time"?

Is "with" being omitted before "five coders"? I thought "assign someone with..." is the correct phrase.

What is "bells and whistles"?

What does “wear off” mean? Are there any synonyms?

What does "hassling" mean?

Is it common to use "she" as a pronoun for an audio player?


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How could you speak English if you cannot understand it?

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    It’s excellent I can practice listening and learn words of English.


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    リスニング力が鍛えられます。 逆に、聞き取れない単語を把握できることが、私にとって進歩です。


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    本当に素晴らしいアプリです。TEDのディクテーション用教材として使っていますが、リスニング力の向上を実感できます。また、インターフェースもすごく便利でストレスを感じません。 ・・・


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    me encantó esta aplicación tiene tiene un diccionario para consulta palabras muy excelente ・・・


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    App rất hay. Nếu có thêm phần tự viết đáp án (bên cạnh việc chọn đáp án) và lưu từ vựng để ・・・


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    영어공부하는데 정말 최고예요


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    오늘 처음 깔아봤는데 넘 좋더라구용!! 한 문장씩 들어주고 칸을 채워넣는것도 좋은뎅 한번에 영상을 볼 순 없는건가용..?


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    続ける事が苦手な性格なのですが一つ一つが短いので毎日続けられています🥰 辞書が引けたり外国の先生に質問できたりとこれ一つでリスニングの勉強が完結するので本当に有難いです。 アニ ・・・


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    リスニング力を鍛えようにもシャドーイングをやる段階にすら達していないレベルだったのですが、こちらのアプリで子供向け番組を中心に初級から始めたらひと月もせずに自分の向上を自覚できてき ・・・


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    利用を始めて一年経ちました。とても良いアプリだと思うのですが、電池の減りが早いです。長時間したいけど電池なくなるのも困るし…スマホだけでなくPCやタブレットでも利用出来たら良いのに ・・・


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    Sevil Sevda


    süper ! 👍


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    기타리스트 큐나인


    결제해서 사용하고 있습니다. 틈틈히 시간날때 학습하기 정말좋고, 여러 편리한 기능들이 갖추어져있어 신경써서만든 티가 납니다. 앞으로도 더 많은 좋은 컨텐츠들 부탁 ・・・


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    Masashi Iwata


    楽しく、学べます。 学んだ表現を忘れないように、単語や熟語をメモしておく機能があるといいと思います。


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    休憩時間が1分だけ余っている時でも、このアプリで1、2センテンスを勉強することができるので、とても便利で重宝してます。 私にとって一番の英語学習アプリです。 ありがとうございます。


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    これはいい、本当にいい。メンバーシップに年会費を払って9ヶ月。サボる日もあるけど、平均週に5日、コンテンツは平均3つくらいやっている。今日、YouTubeで英語の講演を聞いてびっく ・・・


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    짧은 시간 지하철이나 버스 타고 가면서 들으면 아주 시간이 금방 갑니다~ 아직 까지는 너무 좋아요^^ 단어장 기능이 있으면 모르는 단어들 입력 후 다시 그 단어들 ・・・


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    mo m




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    Laie Yee


    This is a good app. It has many video and I can practise listening while I am watching my ・・・


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    楽しいです。 英単語の辞書が前の方が好みでしたが、基本的にはそんな問題ないです。毎日少しずつやってます。 ここで学んで、初めてエドシーランとアリアナが歌えるようになり、それからは ・・・


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    k endo


    有料プランに入っていないので1回につき10分のリスニングしか出来ませんが、1日に2,3回このアプリで英語を聞くということを毎日続けると確実にリスニング力が上がると思います。 内容も ・・・


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    JT Lee


    원어민 해설을 누른 후 하단에 다음 버튼을 누르면 페이지는 그대로인데 다음버튼은 disabled 되고 복습버튼만 활성화돼서 더이상 진행이 안되는 경우가 있네요


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    hans gunsche


    Me gustaría que tuviera un glosario para guardar palabras u oraciones difíciles que hayamo ・・・


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    音声の速度変更が出来て、題材も飽きない。 価格も安い、このアプリが最上だと思う。


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    Md Liton Ali Molla


    Super amazing app.


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    リスニングが苦手なわたしですが、 何度でも聞きたくなります。 オススメです☆


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    Jessica Ch


    컨텐츠 좋고 사용이나 구성도 좋아요


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