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Can I say "intriguing" instead of "interesting" in this context?

Does "go a long way" mean "make a contribution"?

Does the word "output" in this scenario has the same meaning as "ability"?

What is "oughta"?

What's the difference between "attic" and "hayloft"?

Isn't it right to say "isn't it" instead of "is it"?

Do you often use the expression "down to dust"?

What does "turn out" mean here? Is it a general expression?

Does "now" refer to "this moment"?

What does "along" mean here? Can I use to other verb as well like "write along"?

What does "cut someone down" mean?

Just curiosity, but does the word "haven" is originated from "heaven? Is it called a "haven" because it is as safe as heaven?

What does "sweep me off my feet" mean?

What does "scare someone off" mean in this sentence?

What does "getting thick around the waist" mean? Is it a common phrase?

What' the difference between "shepherd" and "goatherd"?

What’s "darn" here?

Why did she say "there has been" not "there was"?

What does "go commando" mean?

Who is "Ted Bundy"?

Why is it "a friend of his" not "a friend of him"?

Can I say "Behind story" instead? Also, without the preposition "about" still makes sense?

Doesn't "breeze" refer to a soft and weak wind? Wouldn't it be awkward to say "strong breeze"?

Why did he say this to him?

Why would the narrator say "put out" even though the grandfather is putting the food "on" the table?

I want to know when to use "pop up". Is "pop up" in this sentence the same as the word "pop-up" in "pop-up store"?

Does the word "pure" is used to emphasize something? Because I don't think the word "pure" and "evil" seems quite contradict.

What is "mace"?

What does "cheeto" mean?

What does "some folks" mean? Is "folks" equal to "people"?

Who is "George Custer"?

What does "yourself" refer to here? and shouldn't it be "themselves" not "yourself"?

Does the expression "well?" have the same meaning as "so?" in this context?

What is the difference between "no problem" and "can't hurt"?

What does "save this bit" mean? Is it a common phrase?

What does”retire” means here?

Why does she use the word "wear" to lipstick? What kind of things I can wear?

What does "been around" mean?

What does "be willing to" mean?

What does "I'm nobody" mean here?

What is a secret folder?

Can you guess what question he tried to ask?

Does "meal, dish, and food" have all the same meaning?

What does "soundly" mean? Is it referring that Heidi snored loudly?

What does "one-time thing" mean and when do I use it?

What does "run away" mean?

So... They named the emperor after a gem? Then are there other emperors named after jewelry? Like a diamond or emerald?

What does "just" mean here?

I want to know the difference between "concerned with" and "concerned about". I thought "concerned about" is correct here.

Who does "him" refer to here?

As a verb, does the word "near" have a same meaning as "approach"?

Why did he put "the" in front of "Flash"?

Can you explain the meaning of "get attacked"? Why did the character say this? Who is getting attacked?

What is the difference between just saying “on a date together” and saying “on a date together with each other”?

In what situation can I use "more of"? And would it be wrong to say "more emotional connection"?

Is this "interest" have the same meaning as "interest in sth"?

Who is "Emily Post"? Is she somewhat related to children's education and discipline?

Why did she say "rocks" here? What is it?

What does "by the way" mean?

Why would she mention 28 years?

What does "unabridged" mean? Does it refer to "unrated version"?

What does "one thing" refer to here? Why it is not included in the subtitle?

What does "grumpy" mean? Does it mean that the old man has a nasty character?

What does "frankly" mean? and can I place this at the last of the sentence?

What is Pudding here?

What is "buffalo wings"?

Why does she say "get" not "give"? Is there any difference in nuance?

It is my first time to see the word "between" is used with 3 different things to compare. Then, can I say "among" instead? What is the difference between "among" and "between"?

What does "behave" mean? When can I use the expression “behave”?

What does “one thing” mean here? Is it an expression?

What does "Bush League" mean? Since he mentioned "the year 1992", then does it refer to former President Bush?

Why was "threefold" used here not "three"

Does "stay frosty" have the same meaning with "cool down"?

What does "slutty" mean here? Does it mean the drink has rum in it?

What does "the bag sit in the water" mean?

What does "spice my mead" mean?

Just curiosity, but does milk from other animals is also drinkable for humans?

What does "make up" mean here?

What does "pull" mean here?

Are "give it a shot" and "try it again" same? Is "give it a shot" used a lot in conversation?

What does "Red Russian" mean?

Are there any omitted words in this sentence? I cannot understand the grammatical structure 😢

Whenever you use a ladder, you can either "climb up" or "climb down". But if you go to a library, sometimes you can see a ladder that can move sideways. In this case, can you say "climb sideways"?

In this case, does "we" mean "Sheldon" and "Mary" or "Mary" and "Penny"?

What's "Hey, there"? Is it general expression?

Why does he put "nice" here? I think it does make sense without "nice".

What does "there were once ~" mean?

What does "work at" mean? I'm also curious about how can I use this expression.

What kind of day is "Nacho Sunday"?

What does "hurt" mean here? Is "can't hurt" an idiom?

What does "lure" mean? Does it mean to attract someone?

Does "in the area" mean "near"? If so, how can I use this expression?

Is it considered rude if you call someone "this/that" instead of "him/her"?

Like "geography" or "photography", what does suffix "-graphy" mean?

What kind of test is "SAT"?

What does "sweep" mean here? Is it an idiom?

Is "life raft" same as "life boat"?

Could you tell me how to use the expression "is on"?

When can I use "that's bonkers"?

Whenever I use the word "after", does it imply that the work is complete?

I still don't understand why they're calling it "China".

Is "WikiBear" a real toy?

What does "ever-favorite" mean?

Does "happen" here mean that movie work is released in public? Or is it very exceptional case to use as a meaning of "releasing new movie"?

Does "alone together" here refer two people or one person each? Please explain this expression.

What's the difference between "shelf life, expiration date, and best before"?

What is “ 'cause”?

What does "better still" mean here? Is it something like slang?

What does "light" mean here?

Does the word explorer, like "internet explorer" or "Ford Explorer" comes from the word "explore" so that you can explore freely?

What is "wanna"?

What does "decadent" mean?

What is a "fir tree"?

Is he calling the "Ebola virus" a "biological" hazard, because it is not "artificially" created?

What does "a ton of" mean?

Why does it need "a" in front of "wartime milk shortage"?

What does "have" mean here? (have got to, has got to)

What's difference between "Boulevard" and "street"?

Does "burn something up" mean "extinct"? Is there any other meaning to "burn something up"?

is the word "angio" uncountable?

What does "spot" mean here?

What does the prefix "wonder" mean?

What's the difference between "baseball" and "softball"?

When can I say the word "dweller"?

What kind of sandwich is this? Is it delicious?

Why is "apologies" plural? Can't I say "apology"?

What does "under control" mean?

What does "dog days" mean? A tough time in the season?

What does "bunch of" mean? How's it different from "lots of"?

What is the meaning of "buds" here?

What does "opposite" refer to here?

Why would Conan say "doesn't" instead of "didn't"? Is it because he believes that Emily Post would never say it even if she's still alive?

Is "of little importance" a grammatically right phrase?

Are there any differences between “make no apologies” and “don’t apologies”?

Why is it "My shadow has gone" not "My shadow is gone"? Is there any difference?

Is "from the beginning of the time" a common phrase? It seems a little awkward for me.

What does "ad-lib" mean?

What does "go nasty" mean? Is it a common expression?

What does "hank" mean here?

What is "gonna"?

What is "elsewhere"?

Do people say "PB&J" often?

What does "smother someone" mean? Isn't it suffocating someone?

Does the town "Springfield" really exist? If so, where is it located?

What does "reefer" mean?

I suppose a "shepherd" refers to a man who takes care of sheep, and "goatherd" for goats, then what do I call a guy who takes care of cows? A cowboy?

What does "cool" mean here?

If I say "other five beans" not "five other beans" , does it sound weird?

What does "On-base percentage" mean?

What is the difference between “crave” and “want”?

Who is "Giambi"?

Could you tell me the rule of how to put "just"? Where can I put "just" in the sentence?

Can the verb "love" come after "do"?

What is "a lil' birdie"? Does it really mean a bird?

How long will be the "lifetime ago"?

What does "lean in" mean? Does it have the same meaning as whispering?

What does "embark on" mean?

Can I change the position of "only" before "kid food"? What is different between "only eats kid food" and "eats only kid food"?

Is "settle down" a common expression? In what circumstances can I use it?

What is "sec"?

Does the word "belongings" and "things" have different connotations? Why would the narrator use two separate words?

Can I say “Sorry for that” instead of "sorry about that"? Does it mean the same?

I don't quite understand what he meant by "through this new hole in my back". Does he have hole in his back?

What does "limit someone to something" mean?

If I say "in the world", does it become wrong?

What is the difference between "weird" and "odd"?

What does the "Pipe dream" mean?

Can I just say "majesty" here? Why should he put "your"?

Does the word "troops" has the same meaning as "soldiers"? If so, are they interchangeable?

Why did he put "a" before "happy birthday"?

What does "too gay to function" mean?

It seems both "sign" and "initial" mean the same thing, but why does he use those verb in a row?

What does "in return" mean?

What is "toasted soldier"?

What does "down" mean in this sentence?

What does "recognized" mean? Does it have the same meaning as "famous"?

Why does he say "that car" not "the car"? What does "that car" mean?

What does "As though" mean here? Can I replace this with "like"?

What does “baby snaps” mean ?

Why did he use "catch"? Does the meaning become different if he says "see"?

How is it different between "gross" and "creepy"?

What does "Cooperstown family" refer to?

What's the difference between "right" and "you know"?

What is the word that can be used instead of "naughty" here?

Why is different article "the" used at the last?

What is the meaning of "finish out"?

What does "baseball diamond" mean?

What does "springing" mean? And in what circumstances can I use it?

Can I use "broke" instead of "cracked"?

What does "move on" mean?

Does the word "sacrifice" in this scenario refer to a "sacrifice hit" in the game?

Can I say "biological threat" instead of "biological hazard"?

What does "down to dust" mean?

What does "all" mean here? and would the meaning be changed if I say "can we all just go back"?

Will the meaning change if I say "skunk's butt rug"?

What is the meaning of "drown someone out"?

If I say "new something", does it sound weird?

What's the main difference between "criticize" and "condemn"?

Who is "Damon"?

What does "for size" mean?

Whenever I watch the MLB, I could often see the sportscasters shout out "homer" whenever the batter hits a home run. Does the word "homer" originate from "Homer Simpson"?

Does "Fair enough" mean "okay"? When do you use this expression?

The "one" at the last, shouldn't it be a plural form? What does "one" refer to?

What is the meaning of "a dime a dozen"?

Is "in someone's sleep" a grammatically right sentence? How can I use this sentence?

I'm confused about the phrase "get to go to". Is it different if I use only "go to" in this sentence?

Is "develop a specific appreciation" a common expression?

Since "as" and "like" have a similar meaning, can I say "like" instead of "as" in this context?

What does "bloody hell" mean? Do you use it generally?

What is the difference between “retire to” and “retire from”?

Why is there a "'" between "O" and "B"? Is "O" an abbreviation of something?

Does "can" here have the meaning of order? Like "you can just go to bed".

What does "fluke" refer to here?

What does "Thunderdome" mean?

What is the meaning of "improvement over"?

What does "shut up" mean here? She didn't say a thing!

What does "properties" mean?

In "half the staff", is "of" not necessary between "half" and "the staff"?

Why does "old-school" mean "old-fashioned"? Is there any historical reason?

I still don't understand this sentence. Isn't it "fabric" a cloth? What does "fabric of our lives" mean?

What does "get in" mean here? and how's it different from using just "get"?

What does "we so sure" mean? Is it grammatically right sentence?

What does “be in love with someone” mean?

What is the difference between "have a crush on" and "like"?

What does "not least" mean here? Is it an idiom?

Isn't "ingredient" a right expression for food? Can I use "component or material" instead?

Why was "still" used here?

Is "absolutely" used often?

What does "Give" mean here?

Do "good lord" and "oh jesus" have the similar meaning?

What is the difference between "either" and "neither"?

What's "sleep-swimming"?

Why did he say "it"? Can I skip it?

What is garden shed?

What does "coolness" mean in this case?


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