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Question List of W25

What does "take a chance" really mean here? Why does the bus driver take a chance on a student?

Is it wrong if I change "me and Finn" to "I and Finn"?

How the two verbs "go" and "clean" come in a row?

What is "shoulda"?

Can I think "fool someone" same as "trick someone"?

What does "let" mean here?

In "getting down low", "down" seems to give the image of going down, but why should the word "low" come next to "down"?

Can I use "covered with" instead?

What does "gotcha" mean?

What does "pick up the pieces" mean?

What does "for now" mean? Is "for" used to emphasize "now"? Does it have same meaning with "by now"?

Is it wrong to say "expert of something", not "expert on something"? What's the difference?

What does “tearing something off” mean?

I have learned to use "expect" for only good things. But is "expect" used to both good and bad things?

What does "get + object + -ing" mean? Is "let" or "make" inappropriate here?

According to the translation, shouldn't it be "escape, run" not "bail"? How come he said "bail" here?

Does "to" skipped in front of join?

What does "kind of" mean here?

Is "enough" describing "done" as a adverb?

Can I say "jump off something" instead of "jump off OF something"?

Are they same to say "$100 only" and to say "only $100"?

Please tell me the meaning of "keep it together".

What does "find oneself left" mean?

I don't understand the meaning of this "as full ~ as long" phrase. Is this a usual "" phrase? How can I understand this phrase?

Is there any word omitted between "women" and "needing"? I don't understand this sentence clearly.

What does "speak one's mind" mean?

Does "head to" give different nuance from "go to"?

Why are "single" and "one" located next to each other?

What does "good" mean in this sentence? Could you give some other examples?

Isn't it necessary to put "have" before "ever"?

Could you explain the meaning and role of "for"? I have a hard time understanding the structure.

What does "if you like" mean here?

Can I replace "uniquely" with "unique" here? Would it destroy the structure of sentence?

What does “keep up” mean?

I don't know well about the role of "with" here.

What does "Let me tell you what" mean? Why is "what" at the end?

What does "bring along" mean here?

What does “cramming” mean? Can I use this word to human as well?

What does "come in (came in)" mean? Does it mean "become"?

What does "sort of" mean here?

I don't know well about "out there". Isn't it okay to use only "they're somewhere" without "out there"?

What is "operating system"?

What does "wrapped up" mean?

How different "got off the phone" and "I called"?

Is "over" emphasizing "in the UK"? What does "over" here mean?

What does "In the first place" mean? and when do you use it? How come this phrase was used at the last?

What is the role of "when" here? Is it common to express condition using "when"?

What does "that thing" refer to?

What is the meaning of "counterintuitive"? When can I use this word?

Can I say "have to flip" instead of "have to do a flip"? It seems like the verb "flip" already have the meaning of "do a flip". Which one is more common?

What does "tardies" mean? Are there any synonyms for "tardies"?

Is there a difference in nuance if I say "sit on my chair" instead of "sit in my chair"?

What does "background" mean here? Can I use "career" instead of "background"?

Is it okay to skip the noun after superlative? Shouldn't he say "one of my brightest and best STUDENT"?

Is "set something target of something" an expression? Or is it "set target of something"? I'm confused.

Is "central bank" different from just "bank"?

What is the difference between "chance" and "opportunity"?

If "couldn’t" replace to "doesn’t", it will change the meaning?

What does "ever-changing" mean?

What does "ain't" mean here? If "ain't" has "not" inside, how should I accept the "no" right next it? Does "ain't no" have a special meaning?

Could you explain how to use "what if"?

Does it mean stomachache? Which one, vomiting or diarrhea?

What does "uncork deep shit" mean? Is it common to use the word "uncork" like this?

What is the meaning of "or something"? When can I use it?

What does "insist on something" mean? Does it deliver negative meaning?

What does "stink up" mean?

What does "rule" mean here?

What is "soap opera"? Can I say "drama" instead?

What does "fix one's charges" mean?

What's the difference between "For instance" and "For example"?

What does "once" mean? Is it conjunction?

He seems explaining about the past event, but why did he use the present tense "get" rather than "got"?

Could you give some more example of "stretch of ~"? Or is "any stretch of imagination" considered as one expression?

Is it more natural to saying "peer" than "co-worker" among the organisations like polices, firefighter and so on?

What does "dang it" mean? Is it commonly used?

What is the meaning of "big deez"?

What does "lead" mean here?

What does "the heck" mean?

What does "give someone a ride" mean?

What does "pass" mean here?

Could you tell me the meaning of "go up"? Is it different from just "go"?

When can I call other "honey"?

Could you tell me what type of person can be described with the word "bitter"?

Does it mean physically sick? He doesn't look sick here.

Why is the first letter in "new" capitalized? Is it emphasizing that it is NEW?

What does "break up on me" mean?

What does "go" mean from the phrase "let something go"?

When do you use "huh?"?

Does "put" mean "stay" here? What does "put" mean?

Why is "maybe" located after the verb? Can I change the location of maybe?

How could he take a class even though he had dropped out?

Could you tell me how to use "wind up"?

When can I use this expression? It should be used when I am interested or disgusted?

What does "spending hours" mean? Is it used as sarcastically?

Can I paraphrase this sentence by "we take the tire from the wheel"?

Is it common to use preposition "in" after "increase"? What is the difference between "increase in" and "increase of"?

Is something skipped here? Like "(when) the stars (start) exploding"? Can I skip like this even in daily conversation? Would if sound weird if I skip like this?

Is "What’s not to like" often used?

Is "better" a short form of "I'd better"?

Why did he use "we were here" rather than "I was here"?

Does "song as old as tune" deliver the same meaning?

What type of person is not containable? Is it a common expression?

What's the difference between "cuisine" and "food"?

What is the expression "the last but not least"?

Is something skipped in this sentence? And if there is skip, is it common to skip like this?

What does "make the drop" mean?

What does "blame it on" mean here?

Can I use "damn it" instead of "dang it"? What's the difference?

What does "head count" mean?

What does "in" mean here?

What does "one up each other" mean? Is this a general expression?

Is it okay using "blown" without "up" to say "spoil something"? To be precise, shouldn't it suppose to be "blow up"?

Isn't it right to say "Love is gone"?

Is the verb "telephone" same with "call"? Which one is more common?

Can I say "I'm very so sorry."?

What does "job" mean here?

This "some kind of " is same "kind of" as "kind of funny"?

I have once learned that I need to put "me" at the back like "you and me" in English. But is it okay to put "me" first like "me and you"? Does it matter?

Could you explain more about the meaning of this sentence? I don't understand why did he say this.

What does "reassuring" mean? Could you give some synonyms for this?

What does "let's say" mean?

Is "now" skipped after "up to"?

What does "that's a classic" mean?

Can the verb "use" come after "did"?

Is "to be expected" an expression?

Can I replace "coping" with "managing"?

I thought the place that children go instead of school is called "preschool". But is it more common to say "play group" in British English? What's the difference?

What does "relieved oneself" mean?

Does "hope" mean the same as "want"?

Who does "as" refer to?

Are "a total of $100" and "$100 in total" the same? Which one is used more common?

Is the word "single" necessary here? What does it mean?

When you use something to write, you usually say "with something", but I wonder why did Rosa say "in crayon"?

Can I replace "inquisitive" with "curious"?

What's "true and all"? How can I use this expression?

Can I say "snack" instead of "treat"?

Can I replace the word "looking" here with any other word?

Is "only" necessary in this sentence?

What does "at the tone" mean?

Why isn't it just "giving up doing" rather than "giving up on doing"? What is the role of "on" here?

What and when was "post-war boom"?

Is "I just knew" a one phrase?

What does the expression “drink someone down” mean?

What does "faux Asian" refer to here? Did the speaker say "faux" because of the shape of the letter which looks bit odd?

What does "I had better help" mean? Does "had + verb" have a special meaning?

What does "along" mean here?

Could you explain the meaning of "twist something" here?

Why did he say "no" and "yes" at the same time? What does each mean?

What does "here" mean? Is that a place somewhere physical?

What does "there is no point in something" mean? Is the preposition "in" necessary here?

What does "matter" mean?

What does "be in a rut" mean?

What does "Know my way around" mean?

In the previous fragment, I thought "wheels" means "car", but here, does it mean "scooter"?

What does “turn up” mean?

Why is it not plural form like "red lipsticks"?

Can I say "good boy" to a person?

The Ice King seems talking about himself, but why does he use "you" instead of "I"?

Does "final" have a meaning of "elite"? Or does "final" mean elite's club only in this movie?

Could you explain more about the sentence "I doubt I have any choice"? I don't quite understand what this means.

Does "grown-up" generally mean "adult" in most of the situation? Or does he use "grown-up" as a joking manner here?

What does "kill someone to ~" mean?

What is "Con Air"?

What does "get filed with" mean? (Does it mean "intertwined with"?)

What does "have" mean here? (have got to, has got to)

What is "the aerodynamics of a brick"?

What does "I decided I wanted to ~" mean? It seems quite enough to just say "I decided to ~".

What does it mean to lay crap on somebody?

Can I say just "open" instead of "open up"?

What does "get someone to" mean?

Could you explain why they are laughing?

Could you tell me the role of "one" here?

What does “stalking” mean? Does cat stalk a human?

Is this sentence a shortened form of "try on a pair of shoes to see if they fit"?

What does "bold" mean here? Can "bold" have negative meaning?

What does “face blast you” mean? Are "face" and "blast" all verbs?

What kind of idiom is "ask for"?

What does "it's all for the better" mean? and is this expression used generally?

Does "as" here have similar meaning as "like"? How can I use "as" like this?

What's the meaning of "die for something" and how can I use it?

What does "like one's chance" mean?

What does "buster" mean? Is it common expression?

What does "blow someone's cover" mean?

What is the role of apostrophe in here? How different 'cause and cause?

Does "piece" refer to "article" here? How can I use the word "piece" like here?

"'em" is abbreviation for what?

What does "decent" mean? Is this word common?

What does "abide" mean?

What is "bar none"? How can I use it?

What does "rest" mean here?

Is it possible to replace "get" with "take" in this sentence?

Is "one" necessary here? Can I just say "that"?

What is the meaning of "take off"?

I'm curious about the meaning of "help out". Is it different from just "help"?

What does "go down" mean? Does it have a meaning of "getting a cold"?

Why "the" is put front of plural form? That's because "all" is there?

What does "should be" mean here?

What does "fast forward" mean?

What are the differences between "Fill in, fill out, and fill up"?

Why does it use future tense with the expression "the last time"? Is it common to use future tense like this?

How can I use "at all"?

I thought "it" is used to comment made by me and "that" is used to comment made by another person. But why is "that" used here?

What's the meaning of "what is up with something"?

Could you tell me about "couldn’t quite do stuff" mean?

What does "win over someone" mean?

What does “a piece of cake” mean?

Isn't "claw" a noun? What does “clawing” mean?

What does "clutz" mean? and is it a common expression as "stupid"?

What is goody-two-shoes?

Do "agile" and "quick" have the same meaning?

What is the difference between just "I'm gonna have a baby" and "I'm gonna go have a baby"? (Go + verb)

Why is it "inspiration for" instead of "inspiration of"? Can I use "inspiration of" here?

Is "damn" an adjective? When can I use it?

What is the nuance of "alright"?

Why here used "is"? Isn't it "are"?

What does "load up A with B" mean?

When can I use the expression "it's just good sense to"?

What is the meaning of "good" in this case? Is it an adverb?

Isn't it supposed to be an interrogative sentence?

Can I replace "optimal" with "proper" here?

What does it mean to "clear up something"?

Can I say "How hard can it be"?

What is "game tape"?

Why "had to" was used in here?

What does "angle" mean here? What are the other words that can be used here instead of "angle"?

The sentence "You comin' " looks like wrong grammar. Could you explain about it?

Please explain about the expression "Don't be talking trash". Is it a general expression?

What is the difference between "instruction" and "education"?

What does "live to see a way" mean? Is "live to ~" an expression?

What does "on the clock" mean?

What kind of day is "Hanukkah"? Is it familiar American holiday?

What does "got" refer in here?

Is "nice and slow" a common expression?

What kind of expression is "Mouser in Chief"? How can I use this expression in the other way?

What does "be forced to" mean?

Can I say "this job is for a grown-up"? What is the difference?

How can I paraphrase this sentence to use "shame"?

Do I only have to use the verb "run" for "test"?

What is the meaning of "hard copy"? Can you also tell me the meaning of "soft copy"?

How come "some" was used here when they're referring to a one chicken?

What does "do with an exercise" mean? Could you give some other examples like this? Can I replace it by "as an exercise"?

Could you tell me the meaning of "front and back"?


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