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Question List of W8

What is the meaning of "be into sth"? Could you teach me some other expressions?

What does “Tokyo drift” mean here?

What does "up" refer to in this sentence?

In what situation do I say, I’m exhausted?

What does “stay + adjective” mean?

Does the word "pin" used in this context has the same meaning as "bias"?

Why is this sentence using past participle of "had earned"?

Why did he say “ME”?

What is a Denzel movie?

Why would a lawyer show up to stop the show?

What is the difference between "need to save" and "need saving"?

What does "make sure" mean?

Can you explain more about the phrase "at stake"? And does it stand for "dangerous"?

Can I skip "she" next to "look like"? Because "she" is only appeared at the beginning of the sentence, and there is no "she" in "younger than me" and "weigh less than me". But suddenly "she" appears in front of "weighs less than me". Could you explain more about it?

Why is "to" being used after "confusing"? Would it change the nuance of the sentence if I omit "to" here?

What does “keep someone/something + adjective” mean?

Is there a "which" omitted between "sugars" and "it"?

Was 'cobbler' used as a verb?

Does "snow white horse" really refer to a "horse"?

What does “in good hands” mean?

What does "rapid-fire pace" mean?

How can "without nickel to my name" refer to "no money"?

What does “be ashamed of” mean?

What's the difference between "lock-up", "isolate" and "quarantine"? Are they always interchangeable?

What is the difference between "There you are." and "Here you are"?

Does the phrase "fashion-forward" is a common expression that people use often?

Whenever I'm referring to age, can I say "at+[age]" instead of "I was+[age]"?

Why is it "that make", not "that makes"? Is it grammar mistake?

1. What's the difference between 'make' and 'make out? 2. Is there any difference between ~is made out of taffy' and ' ~is made out taffy? I'm not certain about when to use 'of' here.

What does “be out of something” mean?

What does “a giant ball of nerves” mean?

What is the difference between “cave” and “cavern”?

Does this "which" refer to "ransomware"?

What does "such" mean?

What does ‘kick in’ mean?

What does "get on with" mean?

In what situation can I use "Hey there"?

When the word "classic" is used to describe someone, what does it mean?

Does the phrase "fizzle out" used often on the casual occasion?

What’s “splurge”?

What's the difference between "agency", "group" and "organization"?

What in the world is take the easy way out?

In what situation do you acknowledge someone/something as a king?

Why is "cat prey" used here instead of "cat's prey"?

What does "killer" mean in this sentence?

Does the phrase "for the record" has the same meaning as "Officially" or "Technically" here?

In what kind of situation do you use the word "plague"?

Does the word "behalf" refers to representing something?

What does "reputation proceeds you" mean? In what circumstances can I use it?

Which sounds more natural to native speakers between "my name is..." and "I'm ..."?

Do you just say "morning" not "good morning"? Is it acceptable?

What does the expression "goes without saying" mean?

What does "clown-town" mean?

What are synonyms for “what’s the deal?” here?

Can you tell me how to use the word "gotta"?

What does “sea legs” mean?

Is there any other way to say “no use”?

What would be the difference between "we must do something" and "we gotta do something"?

Is the word “incredibly” used a lot?

Is it ok to replace "Eeyore a house" with "Eeyore's house" in this sentence?

Does the word "slaughter" has stronger nuance than "kill" in this context? Because I thought it sounds more aggressive.

What does “keep your eye on the prize” mean?

What is livin' la vida loca?

How come "beat the rush hour" became an "avoid"? Can I use "avoid the rush hour" instead of it?

What does “literally” mean?

What does "all" mean?

What does “hold on” mean?

What does “give up” mean?

Is "Velcro" a kind of brand-name?

Does the word twist imply a negative nuance among the sentence? Or positive nuance as well?

What's the difference between "Englishman" and "British"? And does the word "Englishman" only refers to male?

What's the difference between "presumably" and "probably"?

What does the phrase "among the ranks of" mean here? In what circumstances can I use it?

What is on mushrooms? Why not eat it?

What in the equation is this?

What does "plop down" mean?

What is the difference between “sometime”, “sometimes”, and "some time"?

What does "made it" mean? How can we use this sentence?

What does “bring something up” mean?

What does “usher in” mean?

Is the expression "X'ed punk?" slang?

What does "something is getting close" mean? Physically near or some date is soon coming?

Do Americans use the phrase "veil of protection" often?

How come the expression "made your bed" became the meaning of "you caused sth"?

Is it okay to not use "to" after "need"?

What does the phrase "Live and learn" mean?

What does "in good spirits" mean?

What does “yet” mean here?

What does the word "particular" mean in this context?

What does “be up to code” mean?

Does "going down" mean "something is happening now"?

Pick up the pace, what does it mean?

Would it be wrong if I say "no more your lies"?

When can I say “that means a lot to me”?

What is "rehab"?

What does "spell something out" mean?

What does "keep tabs on" mean?

Isn't a preposition necessary before "your first day on the beat"?

What does "go" mean?

Does "my flock" is a British way of expressing exclamation?

What does "top of the morning" mean here?

What are the synonyms for “check it out”?

Jack said "Don’t peek", but how could she respond "I'm not"? I thought “I don’t" is right.

What's a "lazy eye"?

What does "ain't" stand for?

What does “a piece of cake” mean?

I believe that the word "afford" refers to the ability to pay for something. But in this case, does the word has the same meaning as "earned"?

I believe the word "concern" has the same meaning as "worry", then does it refers to the comments that imply a negative nuance?

Does the word "questionnaire" has the same meaning as "survey"?

Can I replace "no" with "not" here?

What does “have something in common” mean?

What does “handful” really mean here?

Could you give me some expressions that can be used instead of "free of charge"?

What does "not for" mean? And in what situation can we use that expression?

What does the expression "have the guts" mean?

What does “could have + past participle” mean?

What does "get to you" mean?

What does "in the membrane" mean?

Is it ok to replace "steadily" with "gradually" here?

What is the difference between “on time” and “in time”?

I suppose the speaker mentions a specific movie title here; however, why does she not use the article "the" in front of "last film"?

What does "let it go" mean?

What is the meaning of "good time call"?

Can I replace "when the sun is up" to "in daytime"?

What does “End up costing” mean?

Is "I was like" refer to "I said"?

What's "beer pong"?

Why was "to" used at the end of the sentence?

What does “hang out with someone” mean?

What's the difference between "lagoon" and "lake"?

What does “thanks to someone or something” mean?

Is "be near-obsessive" an idiom? Is this phrase commonly used?

What's the difference between "believe" from "believe in"?

What does “call shotgun” mean?

Does "Let it get to someone" mean "get annoyed"?

Is “you rock” a slang phrase? What does it mean?

Is “water” a verb here?

Why was "a drink" used? Can I use "drinks" instead?

What does "now or never" mean?

Shouldn't it be "I and you"? Not "me and you"?

Why is "themselves" necessary in "they themselves cannot be"? If I say just "they cannot be", does the meaning get changed?

What does “fry cook material” mean?

What does “be down” mean?

What does “my bad” exactly imply?

When do you use "Hyphen(-)"?

What does "game" in this sentence stand for?

Is "Later" short for "See you later"? Are there any other words I can say instead?

What does "all" mean here?

What does "gotten over" mean?

Does the word "shepherd" literally refers to a dog? Or is it a biblical metaphor?

Shouldn't it be "have known"? Did she omitted "have"?

Does “make bank” mean “make a lot of money”?

What does the phrase "Pandora's box" mean? Is it a metaphor?

Does “lay it on the line” mean "frankly speaking"? If so, can I use "speak frankly” instead?

Why is the first one is "weigh" without "s", but the second is "weighs" with "s"?

For a living? When do we use this expression?

What does this phrase mean? How can I use the expression “have to be”?

What does “catch up with something” mean?

How different Forest and Woods mean?

Does the word "independent" in this context refer to the organization that has an authority of its own?

What is the difference in usage between "prefer over" and "prefer to"?

Can you tell me some examples of nouns that can be transformed into verb forms? (just like a vaccine and vaccinate!)

What does “mean it” mean? And can I replace that expression with “for real”, “really”?

What does "scraped together" mean?

What is the difference between "look in" and "look at" here?

What does "drop out of" mean?

Would a nuance of the sentence changed if I use the word "smart" or "intelligent" instead of "clever"?

What does "all" mean?

What does "minors" mean here?

Can I just use 'little' instead of 'a little' in this sentence? Like "they're little heavier and little clunkier".

What does "get to" mean?

What does "Tote life" mean?

What is the role of "a couple of" here? How different are "break a couple of rules" and "break rules"?

What does "down there" mean?

What's a "sidecar"?

What do you mean by narrowed it down?

Why did she say 'no Denzel movies' in this situation?

What's a Lifetime movie?

What does "all over him" mean? and in what situation can it be used?

Do you just say "morning" not "good morning"? Is it acceptable?

What is "Goodwill Ambassador"? Is it an official title?

Can I use "like" instead of "as" in this context?

Does "going away" mean "give up something"? If so, can I use "giving up" instead?

What does "I bet ~" mean?

I suppose the word "committed" could be quite useful! Could you please show me some examples that use the word "committed"?

Can I always use “granny” instead of “grandmother”?

Do you just say "morning" not "good morning"? Is it acceptable?

What does "get the honor of ~" mean?

What does "skill set" mean? Can I drop "set" here?

How is "that would be crazy" different from "that is crazy"?

I’ve heard this expression many times, but not exactly sure what it means!

Why did he say "he bangs, he bangs"?

What does “be after someone” mean?

What does "orc" mean? Is there any synonym?

Why did he use "in little Rachel land" not "in a little Rachel land"?

What does “for crying out loud” mean?

Can you give me some more examples using “besides”?

What does "stop" mean in this sentence?

Why not “fishes”? I can see more than one fish.

What does “pedal to the medal” mean?

What does "milennials" mean?

Shouldn't it be "out of the fridge"?

What does “behind” mean here?

What are the similar words for “mundane”?

Why was the word "her" used here?

What does “turn on” mean?

Is “wedding band” same as “wedding ring”?

Does the title "doctor" only refers to those who have a medical degree?

What does "ranch" mean?

How can "run a plate" mean "search a plate"? What does "run" mean here?

Why does he say “hit him good”? What does it mean?

Can you explain the meaning of "dude" in this sentence?

What does "Nanite" mean?

What is the original form of “gotcha”?


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