What is the Opposite(Antonym) of “clearance”?

The Opposite(Antonym) of “clearance”

The antonyms of clearance are blockage, obstruction, and denial. The antonyms blockage, obstruction, and denial convey a sense of hindrance, obstacle, or refusal.

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Definitions and Examples of blockage, obstruction, denial

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An obstruction that prevents something from flowing or progressing.


The traffic blockage caused a long delay on the highway.

Something that blocks or hinders movement or progress.


The fallen tree was an obstruction on the hiking trail.

The act of refusing to grant or allow something.


His visa application was rejected, and he received a denial letter from the embassy.

Key Differences: blockage vs obstruction vs denial

  • 1Blockage refers to a physical barrier that prevents something from moving or flowing.
  • 2Obstruction is a more general term that describes anything that hinders or impedes progress.
  • 3Denial is a relational term that implies a refusal to grant or allow something.

Effective Usage of blockage, obstruction, denial

  • 1Transportation: Use blockage and obstruction to describe traffic jams, road closures, or other transportation-related issues.
  • 2Legal Matters: Use denial to describe legal decisions, such as visa rejections, insurance claims, or job applications.
  • 3Engineering: Use blockage and obstruction to describe physical barriers in engineering projects, such as dams, bridges, or tunnels.

Remember this!

The antonyms of clearance have distinct nuances: Blockage refers to a physical barrier, obstruction is a general term for anything that hinders progress, and denial implies a refusal to grant or allow something. Use these words in transportation, legal matters, and engineering contexts to communicate effectively.

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