obstruction Definition

  • 1something that blocks or gets in the way; an obstacle
  • 2the act of blocking or hindering something

Using obstruction: Examples

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    The road was closed due to an obstruction caused by a fallen tree.

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    The obstruction of justice is a serious crime.

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    The view from the window was marred by an obstruction in the form of a large tree.

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    The obstruction of the airway can be life-threatening.

obstruction Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for obstruction

Idioms Using obstruction

  • to create a barrier or obstacle to prevent something from happening


    The opposition party threw up an obstruction to delay the passage of the bill.

  • to encounter obstacles or hindrances while trying to accomplish something


    The project met with obstruction due to lack of funding and support.

  • to eliminate or clear away something that is blocking or hindering progress


    The workers removed the obstruction from the road to allow traffic to pass through.

Phrases with obstruction

  • intestinal obstruction

    a blockage that prevents food or liquid from passing through the small intestine or large intestine


    The patient was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction and required immediate surgery.

  • something that blocks or hinders the view of something else


    The tall building was an obstruction of the view of the ocean from the hotel room.

  • the act of interfering with the administration of the law or the legal process


    The president was impeached for obstruction of justice during the investigation.

Origins of obstruction

from Latin 'obstruere', meaning 'to block up'


Summary: obstruction in Brief

The term 'obstruction' [uhb-struhk-shuhn] refers to something that blocks or hinders progress, such as a physical obstacle or interference with the legal process. Examples include 'The road was closed due to an obstruction caused by a fallen tree.' and 'The obstruction of justice is a serious crime.' Idioms like 'throw up an obstruction' and 'meet with obstruction' describe creating or encountering obstacles, while 'remove an obstruction' denotes clearing a path.