help Definition

  • 1make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one's services or resources
  • 2serve someone with (food or drink)
  • 3assist (someone) to move in a specified direction

Using help: Examples

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  • Example

    Can you help me carry this heavy box?

  • Example

    I need someone to help me with my homework.

  • Example

    She helped herself to some more cake.

  • Example

    The new medication helped alleviate his pain.

  • Example

    He helped guide the team to victory.

help Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for help

Idioms Using help

  • unable to resist the impulse to do something


    I can't help laughing at that joke every time I hear it.

  • assistance is coming soon


    Don't worry, help is on the way!

  • take as much as you want or need


    The food is all laid out, so help yourself!

Phrases with help

  • assist someone with a task or problem


    Can you help me out with this project?

  • take something without asking permission


    He just helped himself to my fries without even asking!

  • assist in the progress or development of something


    We need to help along the growth of our business.

Origins of help

from Old English 'helpan'


Summary: help in Brief

The verb 'help' [hษ›lp] means to make it easier for someone to do something by offering assistance or resources. It can also refer to serving food or drink, or assisting someone to move in a specific direction. Examples include 'Can you help me carry this heavy box?' and 'The new medication helped alleviate his pain.' Phrases like 'help out' and idioms like 'can't help doing something' are also common.

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