impede Definition

  • 1delay or prevent (someone or something) by obstructing them; hinder
  • 2be a hindrance or obstacle to

Using impede: Examples

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    Heavy traffic impeded their journey.

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    The mud impeded the progress of the soldiers.

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    The new regulations will impede scientific research.

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    The language barrier impeded communication between the two groups.

impede Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using impede

  • to create a barrier or obstacle that makes it difficult for someone to do something


    The new regulations put up an impediment to the company's expansion plans.

  • to create a sudden obstacle or difficulty that prevents someone from doing something


    The unexpected weather threw up an impediment to our travel plans.

  • something that slows down or prevents the development or growth of something


    The lack of resources is an impediment to progress in the region.

Phrases with impede

  • to slow down or stop the development or growth of something


    The lack of funding is impeding progress on the new project.

  • to cause congestion or blockage on a road or highway


    The construction work is impeding traffic on the main road.

  • to obstruct or hinder the movement or progress of something


    The narrow bridge is impeding the flow of the river.

Origins of impede

from Latin 'impedire', meaning 'to shackle'


Summary: impede in Brief

'Impede' [imˈpiːd] means to delay, obstruct, or hinder someone or something. It can refer to physical obstacles like traffic or mud, or abstract ones like regulations or language barriers. Examples include 'Heavy traffic impeded their journey,' and 'The new regulations will impede scientific research.' Idioms like 'put up an impediment' and 'throw up an impediment' describe creating obstacles, while 'an impediment to progress' refers to anything that slows down or prevents growth.