assistance Definition

  • 1the action of helping someone with a task or problem
  • 2a thing that helps or aids someone

Using assistance: Examples

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    The company offered financial assistance to its employees during the pandemic.

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    She needed assistance with her homework.

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    The new software provides assistance in managing finances.

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    The injured hiker called for assistance and was rescued by a search and rescue team.

assistance Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with assistance

  • come to someone's assistance

    to help someone who is in trouble or difficulty


    When the car broke down, a passing driver came to our assistance.

  • requiring help or support


    The elderly woman was in need of assistance with her groceries.

  • self-assistance

    the act of helping oneself without relying on others


    The program teaches self-assistance skills to people with disabilities.

Origins of assistance

from Old French 'assistance', from 'assister' meaning 'to assist'


Summary: assistance in Brief

'Assistance' [əˈsɪstəns] refers to the action of helping someone with a task or problem, or a thing that helps or aids someone. It can take many forms, such as financial assistance, homework assistance, or software assistance. Phrases like 'come to someone's assistance' and 'in need of assistance' denote helping someone in trouble or requiring help. 'Self-assistance' refers to the act of helping oneself without relying on others.

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