in Definition

  • 1expressing the situation of something that is or appears to be enclosed or surrounded by something else
  • 2expressing the time during which an event occurs
  • 3expressing the state of being involved with or a member of a particular group or organization

Using in: Examples

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  • Example

    He is in the room.

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    I was born in 1990.

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    She works in marketing.

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    The book is in the bag.

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Idioms Using in

  • in the same difficult or unpleasant situation as someone else


    We're all in the same boat when it comes to dealing with this pandemic.

  • just in time to prevent something bad from happening


    The ambulance arrived in the nick of time and saved his life.

  • included in a group of people who are informed about something or involved in a particular activity


    Make sure to keep me in the loop about any changes to the project.

Phrases with in

  • about to receive punishment or face unpleasant consequences


    If you don't finish your work on time, you're really in for it.

  • having money in a bank account or being financially solvent


    Thanks to the new investments, the company is finally in the black again.

  • having a negative balance in a bank account or being financially insolvent


    The company has been in the red for the past two years and is struggling to stay afloat.


Summary: in in Brief

The preposition 'in' [ɪn] expresses enclosure, time, and involvement. It can denote physical location, as in 'He is in the room,' temporal location, as in 'I was born in 1990,' or membership, as in 'She works in marketing.' 'In' also appears in idioms like 'in the same boat,' conveying shared experiences, and 'in the nick of time,' indicating timely intervention.

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