for Definition

  • 1used to show the purpose of an object or action
  • 2used to show the length of time something lasts
  • 3used to show the person or thing that receives something

Using for: Examples

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how "for" can be used in various situations through the following examples!

  • Example

    I bought this book for you.

  • Example

    She's been living in Paris for three years.

  • Example

    I made a cake for my sister's birthday.

for Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for for

  • in order to
  • intended to
  • aimed at
  • directed at

Phrases with for

  • permanently


    He left the country for good.

  • certainly


    Are you coming to the party? - For sure!

  • for the time being



    You can stay here for the time being.


Summary: for in Brief

The preposition 'for' [fɔː(r)] is used to indicate the purpose of an object or action, the duration of time something lasts, or the recipient of something. It is often used in phrases such as 'for good,' meaning permanently, 'for sure,' meaning certainly, and 'for the time being,' meaning temporarily.

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