good Definition

  • 1to be desired or approved of
  • 2having the required qualities; of a high standard
  • 3giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying
  • 4possessing or displaying moral virtue

Using good: Examples

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  • Example

    She did a good job on her project.

  • Example

    This is a good book to read.

  • Example

    The food at the restaurant was really good.

  • Example

    He has a good heart.

good Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using good

  • well-behaved and obedient


    The children were as good as gold while their parents were away.

  • be in someone's good books

    to be in someone's favor or good graces


    I'm trying to be in my boss's good books by working hard and being reliable.

  • to succeed or turn out well


    After months of hard work, everything finally came good and we were able to launch the product successfully.

Phrases with good

  • an expression of congratulations or approval


    You got an A on your exam? Good for you!

  • to become successful or to do what one promised to do


    He worked hard to make good on his promise.

  • an exclamation of surprise, shock, or dismay


    Good grief! I can't believe you ate all the cookies!

Origins of good

from Old English 'gōd'


Summary: good in Brief

The term 'good' [ɡʊd] describes something that is desirable, of high quality, enjoyable, or morally virtuous. It can refer to a job well done, a book worth reading, delicious food, or a person with a kind heart. Phrases like 'good for you,' 'make good,' and 'good grief' express congratulations, success, and surprise respectively. Idioms like 'as good as gold,' 'be in someone's good books,' and 'come good' convey well-behaved behavior, favor, and success.

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