as Definition

  • 1used to indicate the function or role of someone or something
  • 2used to describe the way something happens or is done
  • 3used to introduce a comparison

Using as: Examples

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how "as" can be used in various situations through the following examples!

  • Example

    He works as a doctor.

  • Example

    As you can see, the project is almost complete.

  • Example

    She sings as beautifully as a bird.

  • Example

    As I was saying, we need to finish this by Friday.

Phrases with as

  • with regard to; concerning


    As for the budget, we need to cut down on expenses.

  • used to describe a situation that is not real or true but that is imagined or pretended


    He acted as if he didn't know me.

  • used to indicate that a word or phrase is not exactly what you want to use but that it is close enough to be understood


    The book was, as it were, a love letter to the city.

Origins of as

from Old English 'eallswa'


Summary: as in Brief

'As' [ษ™z] is a versatile word used to indicate function or role, describe how something happens or is done, and introduce comparisons. It can be used as a conjunction, preposition, or adverb. Phrases like 'as for,' 'as if,' and 'as it were' are commonly used in English. For example, 'As for the budget, we need to cut down on expenses.'

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