unsatisfactory Definition

not good enough or not acceptable; disappointing or inadequate.

Using unsatisfactory: Examples

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    The quality of the product was unsatisfactory.

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    The service provided by the company was unsatisfactory.

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    The results of the experiment were unsatisfactory.

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    The teacher gave him an unsatisfactory grade.

unsatisfactory Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unsatisfactory

Phrases with unsatisfactory

  • a poor or inadequate display of skills or abilities


    The athlete's unsatisfactory performance led to his team's defeat.

  • work that is below the expected standard or quality


    The employee was given a warning for his unsatisfactory work.

  • an explanation that fails to provide a satisfactory answer or solution


    The politician's unsatisfactory explanation only raised more questions.


Summary: unsatisfactory in Brief

The term 'unsatisfactory' [ˌʌnsætɪsˈfæktəri] refers to something that is not good enough or acceptable, often leading to disappointment. It can describe anything from a product to a service, as in 'The quality of the product was unsatisfactory.' The adjective extends into phrases like 'unsatisfactory performance,' and can be used informally as 'not cutting it.'