disappointing Definition

  • 1failing to fulfill one's hopes or expectations
  • 2causing disappointment

Using disappointing: Examples

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    The movie was disappointing, with a weak plot and poor acting.

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    Her performance in the competition was disappointing, as she failed to meet her personal best record.

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    The team's loss was disappointing for their fans.

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    It's disappointing to see how little progress has been made on this issue.

disappointing Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for disappointing

Antonyms for disappointing

Phrases with disappointing

  • an outcome that is not as good as expected or desired


    The company's financial report showed a disappointing result for the quarter.

  • information that is not what was hoped for or expected


    The announcement of the project's cancellation was disappointing news for the team.

  • an event or situation that does not live up to one's expectations or desires


    Their vacation turned out to be a disappointing experience due to bad weather and poor accommodations.


Summary: disappointing in Brief

The term 'disappointing' [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪŋ] describes something that fails to meet expectations or hopes. It can refer to anything from a movie or performance to an outcome or news. Synonyms include 'frustrating' and 'unsatisfactory,' while antonyms are 'satisfying' and 'fulfilling.' Phrases like 'disappointing result' and 'disappointing news' illustrate its usage.

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