substandard Definition

  • 1below the usual or expected standard, not good enough
  • 2not meeting the minimum quality requirements

Using substandard: Examples

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  • Example

    The company was fined for producing substandard products.

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    The building was condemned due to substandard construction.

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    The school was criticized for its substandard facilities.

substandard Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with substandard

  • housing that does not meet minimum safety and health standards


    Many people in the city live in substandard housing conditions.

  • work that is below the expected level of quality or performance


    The employee was fired for consistently producing substandard work.

  • substandard living conditions

    living conditions that do not meet basic needs or expectations


    The refugees were forced to live in substandard living conditions with no access to clean water or sanitation.


Summary: substandard in Brief

'Substandard' [sʌbˈstændəd] refers to something that is below the usual or expected standard, often not meeting minimum quality requirements. It can describe anything from products to facilities, as in 'The company was fined for producing substandard products.' 'Substandard' has synonyms like 'inferior' and 'poor,' and antonyms like 'excellent' and 'superior.'