excellent Definition

  • 1extremely good; outstanding
  • 2used to express approval or admiration

Using excellent: Examples

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  • Example

    The food at this restaurant is excellent.

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    She did an excellent job on the project.

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    That's an excellent idea!

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    He has excellent taste in music.

excellent Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for excellent

Idioms Using excellent

  • a person who is a good potential partner or spouse


    He's an excellent catch, with a stable job and a great personality.

  • a history of success or achievement


    The company has an excellent track record of delivering high-quality products on time.

  • a sense of style or preference that is considered refined or sophisticated


    Her house is decorated with excellent taste, with elegant furniture and tasteful artwork.

Phrases with excellent

  • excellent condition

    in very good physical or working state


    The car was in excellent condition, with low mileage and no scratches.

  • excellent value

    a product or service that is worth more than what it costs


    This laptop is an excellent value for its price, with high performance and long battery life.

  • work that is of high quality and meets or exceeds expectations


    Your report was excellent work, with thorough research and clear writing.

Origins of excellent

from Latin 'excellentem', meaning 'eminently good'


Summary: excellent in Brief

The term 'excellent' [ˈɛksələnt] denotes something of extremely good quality or outstanding merit. It can be used to express approval or admiration, as in 'That's an excellent idea!' or 'He has excellent taste in music.' 'Excellent' extends into phrases like 'excellent condition,' and idioms like 'an excellent catch,' denoting a desirable partner, and 'an excellent track record,' implying a history of success.

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