terrific Definition

  • 1extremely good; excellent
  • 2causing terror or fear

Using terrific: Examples

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  • Example

    The food was terrific, I couldn't stop eating it.

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    She did a terrific job on the presentation.

  • Example

    The storm was so terrific that many trees were uprooted.

  • Example

    The movie was so terrifyingly terrific that I had nightmares for days.

terrific Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for terrific

Idioms Using terrific

  • develop quickly and successfully


    Their business partnership went like a house on fire and they made a lot of money.

  • frighten someone very much


    The horror movie scared the living daylights out of me.

  • take someone's breath away

    impress or amaze someone greatly


    The view from the top of the mountain took my breath away.

Phrases with terrific

  • very good news


    It's terrific news that you got the job!

  • a great ability to make people laugh


    He has a terrific sense of humor and always makes me laugh.

  • extremely fast speed


    The car was going at a terrific speed when it crashed.

Origins of terrific

from Latin 'terrificus', meaning 'causing terror'


Summary: terrific in Brief

The term 'terrific' [təˈrɪfɪk] describes something that is extremely good or excellent, as in 'She did a terrific job on the presentation.' It can also mean causing terror or fear, as in 'The storm was so terrific that many trees were uprooted.' 'Terrific' can be used in phrases like 'terrific news,' and idioms like 'go like a house on fire,' indicating quick and successful development.

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