fire Definition

  • 1the state of burning that produces flames that send out heat and light
  • 2a destructive burning of something
  • 3a continuous discharge of weapons

Using fire: Examples

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  • Example

    The fire in the fireplace kept us warm.

  • Example

    The fire destroyed the entire building.

  • Example

    The soldiers opened fire on the enemy.

fire Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using fire

  • make a bad situation worse


    His comments added fuel to the fire and made the argument even more intense.

  • use the same methods as one's opponent to fight back


    The company decided to fight fire with fire and launch a similar product to compete with their rival.

  • performing very well


    The athlete was on fire and broke the world record.

Phrases with fire

  • start to burn


    The dry leaves caught fire and spread quickly.

  • being attacked or criticized


    The politician was under fire for his controversial remarks.

  • play with fire

    to do something risky or dangerous


    You're playing with fire if you don't wear a helmet while riding a bike.


Summary: fire in Brief

The term 'fire' [ˈfaɪər] refers to the state of burning that produces flames, a destructive burning of something, or a continuous discharge of weapons. It can be used in phrases like 'catch fire,' 'under fire,' and 'play with fire.' Idioms include 'add fuel to the fire,' 'fight fire with fire,' and 'on fire,' which means performing very well.

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