blaze Definition

  • 1a large, strong flame that is dangerous and difficult to control
  • 2a bright or steady light or glare

Using blaze: Examples

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  • Example

    The firefighters struggled to put out the blaze.

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    The campfire blazed brightly in the dark night.

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    The sun blazed down on the desert.

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    The fireworks blazed across the sky.

blaze Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using blaze

  • set the world on fire/blaze

    to achieve great success or recognition


    Her debut novel set the literary world on fire.

  • go up in flames/blaze

    to be destroyed by fire


    The old building went up in flames after the gas leak.

  • a person who is the first to do or discover something and so makes it possible for others to follow


    She was a trailblazer in the field of medicine.

Phrases with blaze

  • to create a new path or way of doing something that others can follow


    She blazed a trail for women in the field of science.

  • to make a way through something by burning or cutting


    The bulldozer blazed a path through the dense forest.

  • a spectacular and impressive display or achievement, often at the end of a career or life


    The retiring athlete went out in a blaze of glory by winning the championship.

Origins of blaze

from Middle English 'blasen', meaning 'to blow' or 'to blaze'


Summary: blaze in Brief

The term 'blaze' [bleษชz] refers to a large, dangerous flame or a bright light. It can describe natural phenomena like the sun or man-made ones like fireworks. 'Blaze' also appears in phrases like 'blaze a trail,' which means to create a new path, and idioms like 'set the world on fire,' which means to achieve great success. 'Blaze' has formal synonyms like 'flame' and 'light,' and informal ones like 'fire' and 'glow.'