path Definition

  • 1a way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading
  • 2a course of action or way of achieving a specified result

Using path: Examples

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    The path through the forest was narrow and winding.

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    She decided to pursue a career path in medicine.

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    The company is on a path to success.

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    He followed the path of his father and became a lawyer.

path Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with path

  • away from the frequently traveled routes


    We took a hike off the beaten path and discovered a beautiful waterfall.

  • cross someone's path

    to meet or encounter someone, often unexpectedly


    I never thought I'd cross paths with my high school sweetheart again, but we ran into each other at the grocery store.

  • to deceive or mislead someone


    Don't let him lead you down the garden path with false promises.

Origins of path

from Old English 'pæth'


Summary: path in Brief

The term 'path' [pæθ] refers to a way or track for walking or a course of action. It can be a physical trail or a metaphorical route, as in 'She decided to pursue a career path in medicine.' Phrases like 'off the beaten path' denote an unusual or less-traveled route, while 'cross someone's path' means to meet or encounter someone. 'Lead someone down the garden path' is an idiom that means to deceive or mislead someone.

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