inferno Definition

  • 1a large fire that is dangerously out of control
  • 2a place or state resembling hell, especially with regard to its heat or intensity

Using inferno: Examples

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    The inferno destroyed the entire building.

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    The forest was consumed by an inferno of flames.

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    The factory fire turned into an inferno within minutes.

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    The heat was like an inferno in the desert.

inferno Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for inferno

Phrases with inferno

  • circles of inferno

    a concept in Dante's Inferno, where hell is divided into nine circles, each representing a different sin and punishment


    Dante's Inferno is a classic work of literature that describes the circles of inferno.

  • a state of intense and destructive military conflict


    The inferno of war had a devastating impact on the country's infrastructure and economy.

  • a state of intense and overwhelming emotional turmoil


    After the breakup, she was caught in an inferno of emotions, feeling angry, sad, and confused all at once.

Origins of inferno

from Italian 'inferno', meaning 'hell'


Summary: inferno in Brief

The term 'inferno' [ɪnˈfəːnəʊ] refers to a large, out-of-control fire or a place/state that resembles hell in terms of heat or intensity. Examples include forest fires, building fires, and the heat of the desert. The phrase 'circles of inferno' refers to Dante's concept of hell being divided into nine circles, while 'inferno of war' and 'inferno of emotions' describe states of intense conflict and emotional turmoil, respectively.