flames Definition

  • 1the visible, gaseous part of a fire
  • 2a strong, intense emotion

Using flames: Examples

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  • Example

    The flames were reaching the ceiling.

  • Example

    She felt the flames of anger rising within her.

  • Example

    Their love burned with the flames of passion.

flames Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with flames

  • to make a situation worse, especially by encouraging or increasing anger or violence


    His speech only fanned the flames of the already tense situation.

  • to fail completely and often disastrously


    Their business went up in flames after the economic crisis hit.

  • an online argument that becomes heated and hostile, often involving personal attacks


    The discussion about politics turned into a flame war in the comments section.


Summary: flames in Brief

The term 'flames' [fleɪmz] refers to the visible, gaseous part of a fire, as well as a strong, intense emotion. It can describe literal fires, such as 'The flames were reaching the ceiling,' or figurative ones, like 'Their love burned with the flames of passion.' Phrases like 'fan the flames' and 'go up in flames' extend the metaphorical use of the word.