passion Definition

  • 1a strong and barely controllable emotion
  • 2an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

Using passion: Examples

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    She spoke with passion about her work.

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    His passion for music led him to become a professional musician.

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    The couple's passion for each other was evident in their every gesture.

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    He pursued his passion for photography throughout his life.

passion Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using passion

  • lose one's passion

    to lose interest or enthusiasm for something that one previously enjoyed


    After years of working in the same job, he began to lose his passion for it.

  • fire up one's passion

    to ignite or intensify one's enthusiasm or desire for something


    The motivational speaker fired up the audience's passion for achieving their goals.

  • to develop a strong interest or enthusiasm for something


    She took a passion for cooking after taking a class in college.

Phrases with passion

  • a personal project that someone is passionate about and works on in their free time


    Her passion project is a novel she's been working on for years.

  • passion play

    a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Christ


    The local church puts on a passion play every year during Easter.

  • a tropical fruit with a hard, colorful outer shell and juicy, seed-filled interior


    The smoothie was made with fresh passion fruit.

Origins of passion

from Latin 'passio', meaning 'suffering'


Summary: passion in Brief

The term 'passion' [ˈpæʃən] refers to strong emotions or intense desires. It can describe a person's enthusiasm for something, as in 'His passion for music led him to become a professional musician,' or a romantic relationship, as in 'The couple's passion for each other was evident in their every gesture.' 'Passion' extends into phrases like 'passion project,' and idioms like 'fire up one's passion,' denoting the ignition or intensification of enthusiasm.

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