zeal Definition

great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.

Using zeal: Examples

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    She pursued her dreams with zeal and determination.

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    His zeal for social justice inspired many others to join the cause.

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    The team played with great zeal and won the championship.

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    He approached every task with zeal and dedication.

zeal Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using zeal

  • with all one's zeal

    with all one's energy and enthusiasm


    She tackled the project with all her zeal and completed it ahead of schedule.

  • lose one's zeal

    to lose one's enthusiasm or passion for something


    After years of working in the same job, he began to lose his zeal and started looking for new opportunities.

  • zeal without knowledge

    enthusiasm or passion for something without understanding or knowledge of it


    He had a lot of zeal without knowledge when he started his own business, but soon realized he needed to learn more about entrepreneurship.

Phrases with zeal

  • enthusiasm and passion for living


    Despite his age, he still had a zeal for life and enjoyed trying new things.

  • great enthusiasm and devotion to religious beliefs or practices


    Her religious zeal led her to become a missionary and travel to different countries.

  • the intense enthusiasm and passion that a person has when they first adopt a new belief or ideology


    After joining the environmental movement, she displayed the zeal of the convert and became a vocal advocate for sustainability.

Origins of zeal

from Middle English 'zele', from Old English 'zēl', meaning 'ardor, jealousy'


Summary: zeal in Brief

The term 'zeal' [ziːl] refers to great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective. It can be seen in various contexts, such as pursuing dreams, playing sports, or approaching tasks. Phrases like 'zeal for life' and 'religious zeal' denote specific types of enthusiasm, while idioms like 'with all one's zeal' and 'lose one's zeal' express intensity and loss of passion, respectively.

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