religious Definition

  • 1relating to or believing in a religion
  • 2deeply committed to a particular religion
  • 3showing devotion and reverence to a deity or religious principles

Using religious: Examples

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    She is a deeply religious person.

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    The ceremony was conducted by a religious leader.

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    He has strong religious beliefs.

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    The painting depicts a religious scene.

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Idioms Using religious

  • have a profound or life-changing experience related to one's religious beliefs


    After visiting the holy site, she had a religious experience that changed her perspective on life.

  • a person who is fanatically committed to a religious cause or belief


    The religious zealot refused to listen to any opinions that contradicted his own.

  • acceptance of different religious beliefs and practices


    Religious tolerance is an important value in a diverse society.

Phrases with religious

  • a day or period of time set aside for religious observance or celebration


    Christmas is a religious holiday that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

  • the teaching of religious beliefs and practices


    In some countries, religious education is mandatory in schools.

  • extreme or excessive devotion to a religion or religious belief


    Religious fanaticism has been the cause of many conflicts throughout history.

Origins of religious

from Latin 'religiosus', meaning 'superstitious, conscientious, scrupulous'


Summary: religious in Brief

The term 'religious' [rɪˈlɪdʒəs] refers to beliefs, practices, or attitudes related to a religion. It can describe a person who is deeply committed to their faith, as well as objects or events that are associated with religious traditions. Examples include 'She is a deeply religious person,' and 'The painting depicts a religious scene.' Idioms like 'have a religious experience' denote profound or life-changing moments, while 'religious tolerance' emphasizes acceptance of different beliefs.

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