holiday Definition

an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling.

Using holiday: Examples

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    We're going on holiday to Spain next week.

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    I always take my holidays in August.

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    She's taking a few days' holiday to visit her family.

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    The company gives its employees four weeks of paid holiday each year.

holiday Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using holiday

  • to take a vacation


    I'm making holiday in Hawaii next month.

  • to take a vacation


    We're planning to spend our holiday in Italy this year.

  • on vacation


    I'm going to be on holiday for two weeks.

Phrases with holiday

  • a public holiday in the UK when banks and many other businesses are closed


    We're closed on bank holidays.

  • a holiday organized by a travel company for which you pay a fixed price that includes the cost of the hotel, travel, and sometimes food and drink


    We booked a package holiday to Greece through a travel agent.

  • a program that allows young people to work and travel in another country for a certain period of time


    She spent a year in Australia on a working holiday.

Origins of holiday

from Old English 'hāligdæg', meaning 'holy day'


Summary: holiday in Brief

The term 'holiday' [ˈhɑːlɪdeɪ] refers to an extended period of leisure and recreation, often spent away from home or traveling. It can include phrases like 'bank holiday,' a public holiday in the UK, and idioms like 'make holiday,' meaning to take a vacation. 'Holiday' is synonymous with 'vacation' and 'break,' and is often used informally to refer to time off work.

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