godly Definition

  • 1devoutly religious
  • 2having characteristics of a god or God
  • 3excellent; delightful

Using godly: Examples

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  • Example

    She lived a godly life, attending church every Sunday.

  • Example

    The godly powers of the deity were feared and revered by the people.

  • Example

    The dessert was absolutely godly, with its rich chocolate flavor and creamy texture.

godly Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with godly

  • a deep sense of remorse or regret for one's sins or wrongdoings


    He felt godly sorrow for his actions and sought forgiveness.

  • reverential awe or respect for God or a higher power


    The faithful have a godly fear of divine retribution for their sins.

  • wise or prudent counsel that is believed to come from God or a higher power


    The pastor offered godly wisdom to his congregation during times of trouble.

Origins of godly

from Old English 'godlic', meaning 'divine, godlike'


Summary: godly in Brief

The term 'godly' [ˈɡɒdli] has three main meanings: devoutly religious, having characteristics of a god or God, and excellent or delightful. It can describe a person's religious devotion, the attributes of a deity, or the quality of something that is exceptionally good. Examples include 'She lived a godly life,' 'The godly powers of the deity were feared and revered,' and 'The dessert was absolutely godly.'