righteous Definition

  • 1morally right or justifiable
  • 2very good; excellent

Using righteous: Examples

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    He was a righteous man who always stood up for what was right.

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    The judge made a righteous decision in the case.

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    She has a righteous anger towards injustice.

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    That was a righteous performance by the band.

righteous Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with righteous

  • self-righteous

    having or characterized by a strong belief in one's own righteousness and morality, especially in contrast with the beliefs and actions of others


    He can be very self-righteous about his political views.

  • a feeling of anger and outrage that is morally justified


    She felt a sense of righteous indignation at the way she had been treated.

  • a proverbial phrase that means a nation becomes great when its people are righteous and moral


    The president often quotes 'righteousness exalts a nation' in his speeches.

Origins of righteous

from Old English 'rihtwis', meaning 'just, upright'


Summary: righteous in Brief

The term 'righteous' [ˈraɪtʃəs] refers to moral or ethical correctness, as well as excellence. It can describe individuals, decisions, or emotions, exemplified by 'He was a righteous man who always stood up for what was right.' 'Righteous' extends into phrases like 'self-righteous,' denoting excessive belief in one's own morality, and 'righteous indignation,' implying morally justified anger.

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