immoral Definition

  • 1not conforming to accepted standards of morality
  • 2morally wrong or evil

Using immoral: Examples

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    It is immoral to cheat on an exam.

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    Stealing is considered an immoral act.

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    Many people believe that gambling is immoral.

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    The company's decision to dump toxic waste into the river was highly immoral.

immoral Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for immoral

Antonyms for immoral

Phrases with immoral

  • actions that are considered morally wrong or unethical


    The politician was criticized for his immoral behavior.

  • an action that goes against accepted moral principles


    Lying is an immoral act.

  • someone who habitually engages in actions that are considered morally wrong or unethical


    He was known as an immoral person who would do anything to get ahead.

Origins of immoral

from Latin 'im-' meaning 'not' and 'moralis' meaning 'moral'


Summary: immoral in Brief

The term 'immoral' [ih-mawr-uhl] refers to actions or behaviors that go against accepted moral principles, often considered unethical or wicked. Examples include cheating, stealing, and dumping toxic waste. Synonyms include 'unethical,' 'corrupt,' and 'depraved.'

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