virtuous Definition

  • 1having or showing high moral standards
  • 2morally excellent

Using virtuous: Examples

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    She was known for her virtuous behavior and kind heart.

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    The king was praised for his virtuous rule.

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    He made a virtuous decision to donate all his wealth to charity.

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    The virtuous man refused to lie even when it would have benefited him.

virtuous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for virtuous

Phrases with virtuous

  • a situation in which a good event or situation leads to another good event or situation, which in turn leads to another, and so on


    The company's success created a virtuous circle of growth and expansion.

  • same as virtuous circle


    The virtuous cycle of exercise and healthy eating led to significant weight loss.

  • a woman who is morally excellent and has high moral standards


    She was known as a virtuous woman who always put others before herself.

Origins of virtuous

from Latin 'virtuosus', meaning 'excelling in a particular quality'


Summary: virtuous in Brief

The term 'virtuous' [ˈvəːtjʊəs] refers to having high moral standards and being morally excellent. It is often used to describe people who exhibit good behavior and make ethical decisions, such as 'She was known for her virtuous behavior and kind heart.' 'Virtuous' can also be used in phrases like 'virtuous circle,' which describes a situation where one good event leads to another.