woman Definition

an adult human female.

Using woman: Examples

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    She is a strong and independent woman.

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    The conference was attended by both men and women.

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    The company is committed to promoting women in leadership roles.

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Idioms Using woman

  • a woman's touch

    the influence or contribution of a woman, especially in making something more attractive or comfortable


    The interior designer added a woman's touch to the office, making it more inviting and cozy.

  • a woman's prerogative

    the right or privilege of a woman to do something or make a decision based on her own judgment


    She decided to take a year off work to travel the world, saying that it was a woman's prerogative to follow her dreams.

  • a woman who has a lot of money or resources


    She was a woman of means, able to afford luxury vacations and expensive jewelry.

Phrases with woman

  • a woman who works for a living, especially one who holds a job outside of the home


    As a working woman, she had to balance her career with her family responsibilities.

  • a woman who belongs to a racial or ethnic group other than white


    The organization aims to empower women of color in the workplace.

  • a woman who is the focus of attention or admiration at a particular time


    The actress was the woman of the hour at the film premiere, with everyone wanting to take a picture with her.

Origins of woman

from Old English 'wīfmann', meaning 'wife-man'


Summary: woman in Brief

The term 'woman' [ˈwʊmən] refers to an adult human female. It is used in various contexts, from general statements like 'The conference was attended by both men and women,' to specific phrases like 'working woman,' denoting a woman who works for a living. Idioms like 'a woman's touch' and 'a woman's prerogative' highlight the influence and rights of women, while 'a woman of means' denotes a woman with significant financial resources.

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