dame Definition

  • 1a woman of rank, station, or authority
  • 2a title given to a woman as a form of respect or honor
  • 3a female animal, especially a horse

Using dame: Examples

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    The dame of the house welcomed us warmly.

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    She was made a dame for her contributions to science.

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    The mare is a fine dame with a strong build and a gentle temperament.

dame Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for dame

Idioms Using dame

  • luck or chance, personified as a woman


    Dame Fortune smiled on him that day, and he won the lottery.

  • the natural world, personified as a woman


    Dame Nature can be both beautiful and dangerous, as we saw during the hurricane.

  • dame's delight

    a game played by children in which they jump over a rope that is swung around by two other children


    The girls played dame's delight while the boys played soccer.

Phrases with dame

  • a small private school, typically run by a woman in her own home, especially in the 18th and 19th centuries


    She learned to read and write at a dame school near her home.

  • dame Edna

    a comic character created and performed by Australian comedian Barry Humphries, known for her distinctive glasses and flamboyant outfits


    Dame Edna's shows were always a hit with audiences around the world.

  • dame's violet

    a fragrant plant with purple or white flowers, often grown in gardens


    The garden was filled with the sweet scent of dame's violets.

Origins of dame

from Old English 'dæm(e)', meaning 'lady'


Summary: dame in Brief

The term 'dame' [deɪm] refers to a woman of rank, station, or authority, and can also be used as a title of respect or honor. It can also refer to a female animal, especially a horse. The phrase 'dame school' denotes a small private school run by a woman, while 'dame Edna' refers to a comic character created by Australian comedian Barry Humphries. Idioms like 'dame fortune' and 'dame nature' personify luck and the natural world as women.

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