faithful Definition

  • 1remaining loyal and steadfast
  • 2true to the facts or the original
  • 3having a strong belief in a particular religion or god

Using faithful: Examples

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    He has been a faithful friend for many years.

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    The movie was a faithful adaptation of the book.

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    She is a faithful follower of her religion.

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    The dog remained faithful to its owner until the end.

faithful Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using faithful

  • to maintain one's belief or trust in something, especially during difficult times


    Even though things are tough right now, we need to keep the faith and believe that things will get better.

  • a decision to believe in or trust something, even though there is no proof or guarantee


    Starting a new business is always a leap of faith, but sometimes it pays off.

  • to believe something without evidence or proof


    I don't have any proof, but I'm willing to take his story on faith.

Phrases with faithful

  • faithful to one's word

    keeping one's promises or commitments


    He is always faithful to his word and never breaks a promise.

  • remaining loyal or committed until the very end, even in difficult circumstances


    Despite the challenges, she remained faithful to the end and never gave up.

  • an exact copy or replica of something, without any changes or alterations


    The artist created a faithful reproduction of the original painting.

Origins of faithful

from Old French 'feithful', meaning 'full of faith'


Summary: faithful in Brief

The term 'faithful' [ˈfeɪθfəl] describes someone or something that remains loyal and steadfast. It can also refer to being true to the facts or the original, as in 'The movie was a faithful adaptation of the book.' Additionally, it can describe having a strong belief in a particular religion or god, as in 'She is a faithful follower of her religion.' Phrases like 'keep the faith' and 'a leap of faith' denote maintaining belief and trust, while 'faithful reproduction' refers to an exact copy or replica.

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